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Popup via Checkbox

jforget1 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-18
Is it possible to have a alert style dialog popup window appear based on the selection of one item in a checkbox selection. I want to create a warning style popup which alerts the user to possible porblem when they choose one of two selection in a checkbox series.
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Sjef BosmanGroupware Consultant

It is certainly possible to ask for a confirmation AFTER the DialogBox is closed. COuld that solve your problem?

"Setting this option will clear your C-drive. Are you sure? "


I think I explained it wrong, I simply want a popup window to appear if they choose option B, then an OK dialog window would say basically "Are you sure you want to choose option B". They can then click ok and leave it on that selection or change to option A. There are some issues they need to be aware of with one of the items. Actually I am using a Radio button for this field.
You can do that in the Input translation

@if( ckbox = "A"; @Prompt([ok]; ""; "Selection A has ... consequences"); ckbox = "B"; @Prompt([ok]; ""; "Selection B has .. consequences"); "");

PS: Above method will work but will be annoyingly prompting the msg whenever user refresh the doc or save. To avoid that keep a flag field when entering this field set it to 0 and in the input translation set it to 1 and check if that field is 0 then prompt.



I modified this a bit because I only want the popup for selection B, if they choose A I want it to just move to the next field, nut now when I click ok and leave it on B it keeps popping up the alert, how can I have it where it pops up the alert but allows the selection to stay on B and move on. B is a possible option just want the alert to make them aware of certain issues.

@if( current = "B"; @Prompt([ok]; ""; "Monitor can only be replaced if broken"); "");current
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I like that solution, it is easier and gets the job done. I did the test in bold and red and it is very effective.
Sjef BosmanGroupware Consultant

Don't forget to enable Refresh fields on keyword change


Thanks for the tip sjef, I did not have that selected.
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