Testing a site locally on different speeds.

Hello Everyone,

I have some flash+html pages on my local IIS server, the flash files are embedded in the html pages and are of different sizes.

I want to check the pages for loading speed taken, if the flash animation gives any problem on less bandwidth etc. So to test this I need some tool which would help me change my internal bandwidth, of the pc I am using to view the pages.

All I want to do is, test the flash files at different speed, anyone out here knows any such tool? I've tried using Sloppy (http://www.dallaway.com/sloppy/index.html), but I can't use it internally. It works only for the Internet.

Thanks in advance,
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YohanShmingeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check out this page for more solutions to this problem: http://www.webnovice.com/sep01/slowdown.htm

Particularly these PERL scripts:

The page also contains tricks to slow down your connection via registry editing...
Gareth GudgerCommented:
What editor are you using? If Frontpage it will tell you load times based over every connection speed.
manojoswalAuthor Commented:

We need something that is more a networking tool rather than mathematical calculator.
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I don't see why Sloppy wouldn't work internally, just enter the IP address of your internal web server in its address box instead of a domain name.
manojoswalAuthor Commented:
I've tried that, the speed differs for all the sites I've tested but for the internal one, the flash movie loads quite quicky.
I assume you've cleared your Temporary Internet Files?  Perhaps your flash movie has been cached and thats why it loads fast...
manojoswalAuthor Commented:
Yeah I have done that. All the cache was empty before testing the pages with Sloppy.
haresh-nycConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I don't know of any tool which would slow down ethernet !!
except for a thing called "traffic."

I think there may be a way to limit the traffic output of IIS.

Further, I think it would be beneficial to your overall goal to test this the real way (from the outside).
After all, how will you truly test the outside bandwidth if you don't actuall come in from the outside going thru all your providers routers and other equipment ?

I took it from your explanation that you didn't just want a mathematical answer, so the only other answer is reality.
Try to connect to this machine's website either thru a dial up connection or from a machine on a different internet connection.
You could possibly consider getting an account with a anonymizing service which in effect causes your querries to be originated at their equipment even though you're sitting right next to the server.

hope this helps.
manojoswalAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys,

Nothing worked, giving you the points for efforts.
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