"Hard Disk is Full", but NOT! "out of disk space", but NOT!!!!!

All of a sudden, the annoying Windows Disk Cleanup keeps poping up saying I am out of disk space and to clean up files.

Well there is plenty of Gigabytes left and for what it's worth, 768MB RAM.

Happens at one minute intervals!
What is going on...
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I would say clean out your temp files.
Delete all files in C:\TEMP or C:\WINDOWS\TEMP

Also, search C:\ and C:\WINDOWS for *.chk files and delete all of them.

If that does not clear up the problem, reference: http://www.windows-help.net/windows98/troub-42.shtml

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happycatAuthor Commented:
I tried regedit to set at highest value. No joy.

3.28 GB free on 1st partition, 41.7 GB free on 2nd, 5.64 GB free on another harddisk.

Some programs are not working correctly now,
such as backup software saying disk full, webpages not loading even,I am going to revert my drive to time before this problem.

Then if still happening, can i uninstall disk cleanup to fix this? I use Norton cleansweep anyway.
happycatAuthor Commented:
other odd behavior is email accounts vanished
from Opera browser, and i had to restore the account.ini file.
You may also try this

windows 98 registry repair or restore
happycatAuthor Commented:
thanks all. Reverted drive to earlier point in time, recovered a few files, no biggy. All seems well.

For what it's worth, prior to reverting drive,
I did Adaware scan = clean
Virus scan = cleaned too.

I think i am getting rid of windows "Disk Clean" anyway. Do not use, very slow anyway.
Is it working now  with any error message ?
happycatAuthor Commented:
norton windoctor gave me 8 shortcut errors of which 7 unrepairable.

possible corrupt file: windows\system\shell32.dll

well i tried to repair or restore registry using norton utilities...errors #5 and #3 so then i tried "scanreg"...

Tried to repair in DOS using scanreg /fix then it said "disk full" error. So then I just did scanreg to check registry. Said no errors even though norton windoctor gave me those previous errors.

viewed registry backups from scanreg and tried to restore an earlier one:

"...system restore failed..."

Hmm...Sometimes downloading pages, my browser brings up out of disk error, or downloading files, error in middle of download.

Doing some sound recording and out of disk error in music editor.

I do have backups of registry from my backup software...

Appreciate your thoughts...about to try that...
happycatAuthor Commented:
also my mail accounts in browser keep vanishing
restroing the account.ini file quite a bit? but i am going to try a manual registry restore.
Wait a second: You're running Windows 98 with more than 512 MB of RAM?  That is not a good idea.


Have you taken appropriate steps to work around this issue?  It doesn't seem as though it is known to produce disk space errors, but it is certainly worth a try.

Also, have you adjusted the BIOS settings for your hard drive lately?
happycatAuthor Commented:
Thanks, have not received any of those errors
as listed on that link yet. I just heard about
this 512mb limit issue. :(

MBoard has built-in video, reserving 64MB
so system has 704mb. Maybe that makes a difference! ;) I am also using a memory
manager, FreeRamXp 1.4


Is there any utilities or programs
that will tweak Windows 98 to confidently
accept more than 512mb?

I have 98lite which does wonders...
Wonder if getting rid of the "fat" is part of
the reason no problems with 768 or 704mb
RAM yet?..! (Although i keep a bit chubby
and still keep IE cause so many programs
need it)

Good news is that the problem is gone.
For whatever reason, my main partition
properties was saying I had 3.28 GB free
on 1st partition when I actually was low on
disk space like down to 8mb so I sorta feel
silly about this.

However my registry had some issues
which was needed to resolve and was restored.

Also using Disk Doctor scan / fix I had
some lost clusters, file structure, and free space corrections to fix.
Always nice to to clean house a bit :)

I still would love to know if any program
would allow more than 512mb without uncertainty?

Thanks All...Tim

As the KB article states, there is a fundamental limitation in Windows 98 that prevents it from using more than 512 MB of memory.  Using 98lite or not would have absolutely no effect on this issue.  If you really want to use the rest of your memory, get Windows 2000 or XP.

The only solution is to change the appropriate Windows setting and force Windows to use 512 MB of memory or less.  There are programs that can change the settings for you (Cacheman comes to mind), but really all you have to do is follow the instructions in that KB article I linked to and the other articles that it links to (such as http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;108079).
happycatAuthor Commented:
ok thanks. Reminds me of that not thinking ahead like only using 16 IRQ...
Or maybe intentional to force OS upgrades ;)
Did you install new software before this problem start occuring, if so, then try uninstalling the software.
For Windows to report "Insufficient Disk Space or Out of Disk Space", that means your hard disk free space is not enough. Even though you have several Gbites of disk capacity, you can still run out of disk space depending on the system software setup (Windows features and such). However, you can delete unnecessary temporary files, temporary internet files (and empty the recycle bin) and also uninstall some Windows Optional Setup. These can be accomplish by the following steps:

Deleting Temporary Files
Temporary Files are files used during the evaluation of an expression to store intermediate values. They are with the extension .tmp
For NT Windows:
Click on  Start >> Search >> Find files or folders
For 9x Windows:
Click on  Start >> Find >> Find files or folders
On the Search or Find Window (as the case may be)
type in the *.tmp, *.bak on the search or find name  box
Select your local drives under Look in box
Click Search Now
Delete all the search results and empty the recycle bin

Deleting Temporary Internet Files
As said before Temporary Files are files used during the evaluation of an expression to store intermediate values. Temporary Internet Files, therefore, are files used store immediate values when a webpage is been view.
Open Control Panel >> Internet Options
On the Internet Properties, click General tab
Under the temporary internet files, click Delete Files
On the delete files dialog box, click Ok
NOTE: You can as well select Delete all offline files.
Close the Internet Properties window

Uninstall some Windows Optional Setup
These are optional components included with Windows such as Accessories e.g games, calc. etc and such.
Open Control Panel >> Add/Remove Programs
For NT Windows:
Click Add/Remove Windows components
This open separate window with the selected Windows components
Uncheck any unnecessary components and click ok, then allow the computer to update the Windows configuration.
For 9x Windows:
Click Windows Setup tab
Uncheck any unnecessary components and click ok, then allow the computer to update the Windows configuration.

visit my site at http://expert.datapointonline.com for details.

Does this help? If not email me at dpcwizard@yahoo.com
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