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win2000 ts connections between dsl and modem

jptsys asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-13
have a win2000 server ts.  Am running a dos program from the ts using dsl and all works well.  I need to send reports via a modem attached to the ts server from a client since the files are there are on the server.  Each time I tryto connect via the modem to send the reports the ts connections seem to disconnect all users or try an connect thru the modem.  Is it possible to use the modem attached in this manner.
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sounds like you might have to use routing and remote access to do this... not exactly sure though. just a thought


what do you mean about routing.  I'm connecting via remote desktop to ts server on the dsl.  The modem, when activated from the remote workstation to send reports, is my problem.  Is there anyway yo connect thru the dsl (as now) and activate the modem without any interefence to the dsl.
so the remote workstation dials into your TS?


My problem with explaining things.  The dsl works fine and that's all i want for ts.  the client  tries to send reports...the modem starts...the dsl connection seems to revert to the modem.
trying changing your NIC binding order. network connections / Advanced menu / Advanced settings. Make sure the TS nic is on the top. Not sure if that'll fix your problem or not but give it a try.

can you provide more information about how the modems link togeather? it is a direct dial or through an ISP..


the modems only use is for me to send reports from the client thru the server modem
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