Recovering old data after ghosting with Norton Ghost

Hi all! Thanks for having a look. I'm probably totally out of luck, but if there's any hope I'm sure I'll find it from you guys. I have an Iomega Network HDD that I have connected to my server via USB. I was using this drive to temporarily hold some programs and files before I transferred them to another drive. Well, last night I ghosted my server onto this Iomega drive, not remembering that I still had these other files on there. Needless to say now I have a perfect mirror of my server but none of the other files I had on there previously. I'm running Windows 2000 Server and have system restore enabled. Is there ANY way I can get those previously stored files? Whether it be through forensics software or whatever other means besides taking it to a lab. Thanks in advance for your time and help!!

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Luniz2k1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
It is possible that you could recover the files with R-Studio FAT/NTFS (  I have had to use it numerous times with clients of mine and has yet to disappoint me.
Ghosting a drive to another drive will typically overwrite everything on the target drive - there is very little chance you can recover anything from it.  If there is any chance at all, has a data recovery service that might be able to do it, but they are not cheap.
Ryan_81Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Like Luniz2k1 I frequently have used R-Studio to recover data.  If the area of the HD containing the data was completely overwritten then you're likely out of luck.  However it is possible at least some of the data is still there in an unwritten location that would be recoverable in this fasion.  Download the r-studio demo software and see if it can find any of the files(demo version only recovers files <64k, but it will show you what is possible), if it does you might want to invest in the commercial version to recover the data.  

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mthielAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the help, guys! I'm scanning the drive right now with r-studio. I was wondering, though, do any of you have any experience using GetDataBack for NTFS or FAT? Is this a good data revovery program? I'm asking because I have access to a copy of it through a friend, but I don't know anyone who can let me borrow r-studio. THANKS!
CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have used GetDataBack before and liked the results.  Here's a link to a whole lot more:
mthielAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the help! It looks like I'll be able to recover a lot of the data I erased.
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