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I have this situation:

On C drive I have the folder "TEST"
Also on drive D I have the same folder called "TEST"
Few files have the same name on both locations.

When I copy the TEST folder from C to D, is there a way to configure Windows to ask if he finds the same files on D:\TEST, if I would like to overwrite the existing file?

Thanks a lot,
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wtrmk74Connect With a Mentor Commented:
No option in windows to make behave like you want

You need to either create a batch file to resolve you COPY problem based on TIMESTAMPS DATESTAMPS !
use the windows 2000 resource tools
here is a link to some very helpful files for solving various types of file and folder control
This should automatically happen when you overwrite any

does your system prompt you for any of these ?


rcucuiAuthor Commented:
When you copy the TEST folder from C: on D: (since there is already a folder called TEST there), the system is saying:

This folder already contains a folder called TEST
If the files in the existing folder have the same name as files in the fodler that you are copying or moving, they will be replaced. Do you still want to copy or move the folder?

So, I just want to be asked for each file that have similar name on both location, if I want to overwrite the file. Not to be replaced automatically.

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when you move the folder to the other drive... it doesn't combine them... it deletes the folder and replaces it.
if you want to combine them.. the better thing to do is to open the folder and select all...copy and paste... or click and drag.
In that case you will be prompted for each file.
rcucuiAuthor Commented:
Thanks kabaam,

I was thinking about this solution, but my scenario is a folder with another 10 folders inside, etc...
And would be a lot of time consuming to enter each fodler and make copy - paste.

So, there is no option in Windows to change this behavior?

Thanks again.
not that I am aware of.
What kind of set up is this? is this for file sharing, backup, syncronizing?  there maybe a different way in doing the whole deal.
I guess what I am asking is ... why are the folders setup with the exact same name  and such?  are the files with the same name the same? are they created by the same user?
Hows it going
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