kayak xu800 desktop boot problems - 3 beeps + POST errors + no OS found

I have a kayak xu800 which has been fine then it suddenly died during use and since then it won't boot up.
First screen on power up OK and it seems to check memory OK. Quickly flashes on while hp startup screen then asks for BIOS password. On entering BIOS password it then beeps 3 times (short) and displays error messages: mouse error , battery may need charging error. It then continues but displays "all devices checked and no OS found" message. I cannot enter setup by pressing F2. I cannot boot from a DOS disc either. I have tried changing the battery to no effect. 3 beeps I believe is a memory error. How can I troubleshoot to find what is wrong and how can I repair?

800 MHz processor, Windows XP, 256 RAM, 8G SCSI HDD.

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To troubleshoot this, I recommend stripping down the pc to the bare essentials: keep just RAM, cpu, and the video card, and reset the BIOS after installing the cpu.  Do not include hard disks, other PCI cards, or other peripherals.  If that boots ok, start adding components to see where it fails.
three beeps hmmmmmmmmmmm i will get back to you on that      
BIOS error codes: http://www.computerhope.com/beep.htm#05

Award BIOS beep codes
  Award uses the least of any of the BIOS manufactures just two codes, they prefer to display a message on the screen state the error. The only time you will get any beeps is if the video cards fails or a RAM problem.

  Beep Code Description
  1 Long, 2 Short A video error has occurred and the Bios cannot initialise the video screen to display any additional information.
  Any other beep(s) RAM Problem.

AMIBIOS Beep Codes

  1 short DRAM refresh failure
  2 short Parity circuit failure
  3 short Base 64K RAM failure
  4 short System timer failure
  5 short Process failure
  6 short Keyboard controller Gate A20 error
  7 short Virtual mode exception error
  8 short Display memory Read/Write test failure
  9 short ROM BIOS checksum failure
  10 short CMOS shutdown Read/Write error
  11 short Cache Memory error
  1 long, 3 short Conventional/Extended memory failure
  1 long, 8 short Display/Retrace test failed

Phoenix Bios
BEEPS          Error Description
none/1-1-2......CPU register test in progress
1-1-3...........CMOS write/read test failed
1-1-4...........ROM BIOS checksum bad
1-2-1...........Programmable interval timer failed
1-2-2...........DMA initialization failed
1-2-3...........DMA page register write/read bad
1-3-1...........RAM refresh Verification
none/1-3-2......Testing first 64K RAM
1-3-3...........First 64K RAM chip or data line fault, multi-bit
1-3-4...........First 64K RAM odd/even logic bad
1-4-1...........Address line bad, first 64K RAM
1-4-2...........Parity error detected in first 64K RAM
1-4-3...........EISA fail-safe timer test in progress

Do you have an AMI BIOS?  Three short beeps is memory failure.  You need to replace the RAM - if you you have two sticks, try it with one until the error doesn't appear.  Otherwise, you'll need to buy new memory or cannabalize another machine that has the same speed memory.
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You are also going to have to be very picky as to what memory you get.  HP computers are very picky as to what type, speed, density of memory you feed it.  

You can try somewhere like www.crucial.com  as they make sure your RAM will work.
BarbaraJenkinsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comments so far ...
Is it definitely the RAM that needs replacing then? If there are 2 x 128 MB is it likely it will be just one that has failed?

Looking at HP site it appears the kayak xu800 contains 2 x PC800 ECC rambus RDRAM Rimms.
First off

Do you have AMI bios?   Just to make sure that it is the RAM.

>>If there are 2 x 128 MB is it likely it will be just one that has failed?
yes, but you need to have 2 so it will work.   It might be tough to get two different RDRAM modules to work.  RDRAM is the devil.
Bad news about the RDRAM - crucial doesn't have any specs for the XU800 RDRAM.
i am sorry but my a+ cert. book says that 3 beeps means system timer failure

not ram
BarbaraJenkinsAuthor Commented:
I will have to find out the BIOS type to undersdtand what the 3 beeps mean - I guess it will show up on first screen? I am not with it at the moment so it will have to wait until I get home.

If it is system timer failure what does that mean please?
You will have to excuse compfixer101's comments - he doesn't have the experience to know what the beeps really mean and is prone to suggesting things that don't work.  When he graduates from school, he may be wiser in the future.  System timer failure is 4 beeps, and hardly happens at all, whereas RAM failure is very commonplace.

Callandor i feel as though that was as if your are denying me of getting any points also my real a+ computer certification book says it then obvisouly i must be true how ever i will check it again to double check but it is no here at the moment
Callandor i feel as though that was as if your are denying me of getting any points also my real a+ computer certification book says it then obvisouly i must be true how ever i will check it again to double check but it is no here at the moment

I am not denying you the chance to get any points.  You need to remember that people coming here have real world problems, so just throwing out ideas without solid backing can be detrimental to those looking for answers.  If you have a book that says the beeps mean otherwise, post the name of it and author so everyone can see if it's accurate.  If you provide good information, you will eventually get points, but you need to be selective about answering problems you understand.  All the top experts do the same.
BarbaraJenkinsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions so far - would anyone like to comment on the suggestion below:

A colleague has suggested that as the PC does try to carry on and boot up after the 3 beeps it is unlikely to be a RAM failure. ALos in the kayak a RAM failure error would be seen on the little screen on the PC box. One suggestion is that the SCSI BIOS controller has failed or somehow it has lost its BIOS settings so does not know where to boot up from. Which is why it appears to boot OK aprat from the mouse error (which it allows you to continue past by pressing F1) but then says all devices checked but no OS found - i.e. it does not know which devices are there or does not know to look on floppy or hard disc for OS.
Does this make sense?
Can you re-install the BIOS somehow ? I have tried flashing it but as explained above it will not boot up from floppy.
i will soon i gotta go get

be back soon

Callandor btw  i just passed the A= Cert. test with 1000 out of 1000   so i think i will be an asset
A+ Certifaction Training Guide Second Edition

by Charles J. Brooks and Marcarft International Corporation

that is the book info

now what is says inside

1 beep== DRAM refresh failure
2 beeps== RAM failure (base640KB)
3 beeps== System timer failure
5 beeps== microprocessor failure
6 beeps== keyboard controller failure
7 beeps== virtual-mode exception failure
9 beeps== ROM BIOS checksum failure

compfixer101, I'm really glad you did well.  Now combine that with real world experience, and you should become an expert in a short time.  Radomirthegreat is also still in high school and has proven himself to be a good contributor.

I think there is something wrong with the listing you provided.  It is in contradiction to many sites saying otherwise:

Perhaps you copied it wrong, or the edition has typos?
BarbaraJenkinsAuthor Commented:

Thanks I had to reset the BIOS and clear the CMOS and then it was OK
Glad you got it working.
By the way, is there a reason for the C grade?
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