Cisco 1760, IOS 12.2. How do I monitor Bandwidth Utilitization?

I have a Cisco 1760 running IOS 12.2 w/Firewall services connected to another PIX 506 Firewall for VPN.

The router has 3 cards: T-1, 100 MB Internal LAN, 10 MB LAN (used for DMZ).

I want to know how much of my T-1 line's 1.5 MB bandwidth is being used.

I'm looking for something like this:

Approx 20% of the T-1 is used for VPN.
60% is used for the DMZ
10% is used for the internal LAN internet access
10% is not used.

I expect I'll get some sort of raw counters and have to compute the %s.  I don't really expect the router to provide the data in exactly this format.

How do I get the data I need?

I have a syslog server setup for monitoring the access rules, if that is useful I can send data to the syslog, if I can mark it with a different souce tag or otherwise sort it out of the other noise at the syslog server.

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JFrederick29Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You can enable SNMP on the router and collect the stats via MRTG or Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor:

snmp-server community <community name> ro

MRTG (free)

Solarwinds (30 day free trial)
millsoftAuthor Commented:
MRTG is exactly the solution I was looking for.


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