hardware disk i/o error status 00002000

I'm trying to install win 2k on a computer I have built .
 I keep getting the erorr "Disk I/O error : = 00002000
The install gets to the blue setup screen and says at the bottom setup is loading files but the above
message keeps repeating ?
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Is the HHD recognized correctly in the system BIOS? Is your BOOT order set to CDROM then HDD? If so, have you partitioned and formatted the drive using the utility on the Win2000 cdrom...and number of partitions and FAT32 or NTFS format? Specific information about the HDD and mainboard would help...T
jjmercAuthor Commented:
maxtor 40g hd, intel mboard 1.2 g processor what else would you like to know.
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jjmercAuthor Commented:
if I go to setup it shows the hd as the master
I can get the the system to begin win2k install as noted already
You might want to run a diagnostic on the drive to make sure it doesn't have bad sectors:
Maxtor/Quantum http://www.maxtor.com/en/support/products/index.htm
jjmercAuthor Commented:
I  resolved by  switching the cables around between the cd and the hd
You can post in Community Support to refund your points, since you solved this yourself.  Post a link to this question.
I believe your HD has bad sectors had the same problem on my system. Xan pull and put in other sys and try to reformat .I did and mine work another couple months but crashed again time to replace HD
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