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I'm running SBS 2000 as a domain controller, and have created a domain, mydomain.com.  I have this domain name registered and have my ISP hosting a website with the URL www.mydomain.com.  

When I try to go to the website www.mydomain.com from a workstation on my network that uses the domain controller as its DNS server, I cannot view the website.  Basically the DNS on my domain controller does not point www.mydomain.com to the right location.  If I use my ISP's name server from a workstation I can view the website fine.

My question is how do I configure my DNS to forward requests for this website to the correct location?

The virtual server address of this website is users.ispname.net/~mydomain


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If your ISP is hosting your website as www.mycompany.com, then it is their duty to make sure that http://www.mycompany.com points to the correct "Virtual Server'.  If it is not pointing to an IP address, then there is something wrong with THEIR setup.  I do not know any ISP that hosts a website on a dynamic IP address.  Besides, even if the address is dynamic, the chance for that IP to change are usually pretty slim.  I host my own website through a dynamic cable modem, and the IP address only changes 3 times in the last 7 years... each with a new ISP taking over the ownership of the cable company.

Basically, if they are hosting multiple websites on a single IP address, then they are responsible for the http header resolution.  There is no reason why http://www.mydomain.com would resolve externally to one IP address but not internally to the same IP address.

Simply put, if points to www.mydomain.com, then if you put www.mydomain.com in your host file, it will resolve.

If does not resolve externally to the website, then it is something you'd need to discuss with your ISP.  You need to let them know that they need to be able to distinguish different websites through http headers.

Finally, if for some reason that's not a good enough answer, then you can also create a website called www.mydomain.com internally.  and under the "Home Directory", select "Redirection to a URL" and type http://user.ispname.com/~mycompanyname...  That way, when your user goes to http://www.mycompany.com, it will go to your internal IIS server first, then redirected to the path.

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That is a problem with both External DNS domain and Internal DDNS domain name being the same.

You can either go to your DNS mmc and add a host record for www that points to the External IP address of www.mydomain.com, or just modify the c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file and add www.mydomain.com to the entry.

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P.S.  The hosts file would only work on the ONE computer that you've modified the entry for.  So if you edit the hosts file on computer1, then only computer1 would resolve it correctly.  If you need to apply the changes to a bunch of computers, you're better off modify the mydomain.com dns entry on your DNS server.

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Gareth GudgerCommented:
Info is right.... or you can just add the "www" record pointing to the true IP of your website in DNS as info stated.
Brian1Author Commented:
I can't just add a host record for www that points to the Website's IP because it has a dynamic IP that changes.  The virtual path for the site is user.ispname.com/~mycompanyname.  But a host record asks for an IP address...
If you really have a variable DNS website (not unusual if its running on someone's server in their house, but still unusual in and of itself) then you are short on options, other than the hosts file. Users outside your domain are querying a dynamic host provider who is relaying cname information and redirecting to the domain/folder. Since local clients need local DNS, this can't currently be resolved through a local server DNS parameter to my knowledge. If you could give more info on the host provider for the intenet www record it would be helpful.
Gareth GudgerCommented:
>> IP address only changes 3 times in the last 7 years

I've seen peoples change every other month. :)

>> The virtual path for the site is user.ispname.com/~mycompanyname.

Sounds like to me you are redirecting a domain name to a virtual home folder out of someones free webspace they got with their DSL or cable connection.

In that case map the "www" entry on your DNS to whomever is doing the external DNS translation (from "www.yourdomain.com" to "user.ispname.com/~mycompanyname") IP address of their DNS server.
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