Pentium 2 and xp

I got a PII,350 mhz with 192 ram.Can XP be installed onthis and work with out crashing or problems?Or would it be better to put windows 2000 in it?
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jaycaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
XP will run fine(but a little slow), disable all of the unnecesary services.

See this site to see what you can and can't disable.
LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Hi The_Rhazza,

It can probably be installed and run, but don't expect speed records. It'll be terrible slow.
Win2k is better, but still slow.
In both cases, make sure all hardware is compatible with win2k/winXP

Your choice.


Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Itl will run like a dog! use windows 98 :) XPwill install and some people will tell you it runs fine on my xxx laptop wi h xxx memory, trust me I look at hundreds of PC's a day dont do it :( go for win98
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I used a PII 300 with 192 MB RAM and used it to play DivX files.  Worked like a champ. True, it wasn't the fastest machine, but you could do simple word processing with it.
The_RhazzaAuthor Commented:
Not even windows 2000 rpofessional!It had 200 on it already. So where woujld I get w2k?!?!
LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
w2k = windows 2000 professional
If you feel you need to use XP, make sure to turn off all the bells and whistles, like change it to a clasic desktop, elimante window fades, etc.  It would run just fine.
XP Home will run better than XP Professional, but both will have abismal performance. With no applications installed at all, XP will be slow, as soon as you put applications on it, your lack of MHz will show. Amount of RAM is fine though :)

SUGESTION - Put XP Home on, take off all the visible improvements, go through the system services and disable the ones that you dont use (i.e. msn messenger, ICS/IIS etc).


it will work fine .. just keep lesser programs in the starup i am using the same .. just keep all tips and tricks of winxp to make sure u know the steps of loading it fast and better
Windows crashing is not always a hardware problem...

Lot of views her. I'll add mine. Seems a few suggestions here are about using XP but trimmin it down from the Fisher-Price interface until it acts like win2000. I guess the better idea is to use win2000. I don't know what XP can do that w2k can't. do just as well on a machine like that. "Slow", BTW, is a very subjective thing. I don't think your machine will be "slow" on w2k and the amount of RAM indicated, if you keep it fit. (e.g. get rid of all unnecessary processes and such; don't autostart a lot of useless things that come with printers etc)
Windows XP will run fine on that computer as long as you can find drivers for all of the devices. Windows XP is much more likely to have drivers included for your hardware than Windows 2000. Also, in my experience, Windows 2000 is not any faster than Windows XP once you remove the slow interface options. I have also compared Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Professional on the same hardware (similiar to what you are using) and I was unable to notice any performance difference.

1. Go to Display Properties. Under Themes, select Windows Classic. Go to the Appearance tab, click on Effects and uncheck "Use the following transition effect for menus and tooltips"

2. Go to My Computer, Tools | Folder Options and select "use Windows Classic Folders"
I would definetely use win2k over XP, just because, XP chews more of your computer's multimedia prowess.
However, if you use the basic non-jazzy interface in XP you might end up with pretty much the same perfomance. The difference will be in the fact that XP consumes more HD space compared to that of XP, whereas 2k is more customizable. Both of these OSs are based on each other and therefore should provide fewer crashes.

By the way, 2k consumes lesser amount of ram than XP, just because XP runs a notch up graphics, native firewall, auto-play type applicantions that are invisible to the naked eye.

Additionally, you can find cheaper(that XP home/proff) editions of win2k from clearance lots at university bookstores and eBay, and other online resources for a resoanable price.
I would suggest you to run Windows 2000 because XP have more clutter.
I had a Celeron 366 and got Windows 2000 running smooth, so you can, just look for some more RAM (get 256mb at least).
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