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I have to convert all Microsoft Exchange 5.5 information to another server but upgrade it to microsoft 2003, any tips????
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Relax, in 2003 everything is even easier.

And you do not need a 2000 CD, puuuh.

And read the deployment guide or the help files during Exchange 2003 Setup, they are quite helpful

Download the deployment guide and read it.

In a nutshell with the limited info you gave...

You will need to install the new Server, make sure you are at AD2003.  Setup a Connection Agreement, then use the Exchange 2003 migration wizard/tools.

That is the gist of it.
psperaAuthor Commented:
Would this be using the Exmerge.exe?  What more information would you like?
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You need an AD Domain, in the first place.

Then you need to upgrade the AD Schema, using setup /forestprep
Then you need to do a setup /domainprep
(from the Exchange 2000 CD)

Install the ADC on a DC.
Now you can install the Exchange 2000 Server into the same Exchange Organization and Site as the Exchange 5.5 Server.

Configure Connection Agreements on the ADC.
Replicate Exchange 5.5 Reciepient Information to AD.


Move the mailboxes using AD Users and Computers

BE HAPPY (with your brand new Exchange Server)

PS: Exmerge must be used when moving mailboxes across different Organizations and Sites. If this is one of your requirements, well, use exmerge instead and GOOD LUCK ;-)
psperaAuthor Commented:
I am going to 2003 not 2000, I do not have a 2000 CD????
Sorry, replace 2000 with 2003 and as jayca said: you can use the wizards ;-)

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It's not Microsoft, it's magic ...
exmerge is a great tool...  Just make sure the account that you use to migrate all accounts has full mailbox access..
For this m$ actually recommends making a new account just for this purpose.
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