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How do you use the nwadmin tool in netware 6. In netware 4.11 I just went and typed nwadmin in the run command and created a short-cut to my desktop. Netware 6 doesn't recognize this command for some odd reason. I am a member of the administrators group. Do I have to install the command?
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Trygve ThayerConnect With a Mentor IT DirectorCommented:
In netware 6 you will find nwadmin32.exe located in the SYS:Public\Win32 directory.  Try running the program through windows explorer and clicking on the file there.   There are newer utilities that are much better.  Portal is one of them and Console One is another but there is a client install for the console one.  Console One is located in SYS:PUBLIC\mgmt\ConsoleOne\1.2\bin\consoleOne.exe
Been awhile singe I used netware, but, I believe there is an Install program that you need to run on the desktop.

(Actually, I thing I was using NW 5)
Depending on what you would like to do you can choose either ConsoleOne or Nwadmin32, I would use ConsoleOne.

ConsoleOne is located in sys:\public\mgmt\ConsoleOne\1.2\bin\ConsoleOne.exe

Nwadmin32 is located in sys:\public\win32\nwadmin32.exe
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Trygve ThayerIT DirectorCommented:
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PsiCopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
NetWare has undergone significant changes since v4.11. One major one is that it now uses (and prefers) TCP/IP over IPX.

The administration tools have likewise been updated. NWADMIN, while still available, is pretty much EOLed. You will find yourself unable to manage significant portions of the v6.x environment if you limit yourself to NWADMIN.

ConsoleOne was the Java-based replacement for NWADMIN. The directory path above is accurate. It is, unfortunately, noticable slower than NWADMIN, but you'll find that most modern Novell products do not provide NWADMIN snap-ins.

iManager is the new ConsoleOne replacement. It is web-based and runs on the server. It is a poweful tool, altho still coming into its own.

If you're just getting back into this, I suggest you cut to the chase and go straight to iManager. ConsoleOne is worth a look, but Novell is moving away from it, and soon it will be in the same boat as NWADMIN, with newer products not having snap-ins for it.
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