W2KSBS...mapped drives, DNS..."No Logon Server etc etc"...problems

Posted on 2004-04-14
Last Modified: 2010-04-13

I have a W2K Small Bus server in my home...
DSL router...dynamic PPPoE...DHCP server...
2 workstations on the network, XP Pro and W2K Pro
I have 2 hard mapped drives to the server...
My print server is a different server, NT4.0 Server that doesn't do anything except as a print queue and some file storage...

Domain is called  "Home"  (really creative, huh?)...:)

Both workstations log into the domain...

Everything was working fine for a long time...

Today, I lost my drive mappings...and when I tried to "remap" I get the error message:
     "There are currently no logon servers available to
       service the logon request"..."The connection  has
      not been restored"...

I rebooted my server and workstation a couple of times, no change...

I check Services on the server and NetLogon is up and running...I check DNS and it is up and running...

I take the server out of the domain by going to My Computer>Properties and add it to a workgroup and reboot...

Again on the server I go to My Computer>Properties and add it back to the domain..."Home"...and reboot...

Now I get an error message:
     "The following error occured validating the
       name "home"...The condition may be caused by
       a DNS lookup problem.  For information about
       troubleshooting common DNS lookup problems,
       please see the following Microsoft web site:

I don;t think this article concerns my problem...

Because I took the server out of the domain, do I have to run DCPROMO to get back into the domain as a DC???

I went into DNS on the server and only changed to allow dynamic updates...

I also set a manual DNS entry pointing to the server, there is an entry also pointing to my router and a third entry pointing to the WAN DNS...

Currently the server is still in a workgroup, however, I can now access the mapped drives from my XP Pro workstation, but I cannot from my W2K workstation...

I am really, really confused...

Thoughts and ideas appreciated...


Question by:qabs
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Expert Comment

ID: 10829121
Hi qabs,
> >do I have to run DCPROMO to get back into the domain as a DC???
yes you do

> >an entry also pointing to my router and a third entry pointing to the WAN DNS
this should be done with forwarders on the DNS server for recursive queries.

What are the client computers using for DNS addresses?  You should have them all pointing to the internal servers only.

happy trails

Author Comment

ID: 10829126

Or can I run the Active Directory Wizard and will that put me back on my domain???
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Accepted Solution

kabaam earned 250 total points
ID: 10829129
running dcpromo is the command line equivelant of the AD wizard... same thing
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Author Comment

ID: 10829165
Wow ARE quick...:)

Both workstations are on DHCP and have a only one static DNS entry pointing to the server...

My DNS forwarders on the server are like this...
    Forward Lookup Zones
    Reverse Lookup Zones
           192.168.1.x  subnet

Don't let me confuse you domain is "home"...
About 2 months ago, because I have a dynamic IP address, I added as a DNS forwarder as I am going to try to set this server up as an IIS server...
The is my registered domain...
When I set up as a DNS forwarder I added the "" to my DNS entrys thinking I would need that to resolve my domain name when I get the IIS server going...

My next question is this...
My next post I ask about running the Active Directory Wizard...will this do the same thing as DCPROMO???

If not, as I have never run DCPROMO, how do I do it...

Thanx for your time

Author Comment

ID: 10829169
Ok...I am a slow typer...just got your response on Active Directory Wizard...

I'm going to run that now...


Author Comment

ID: 10829278

It went up as a DC...and I changed my domain to "sportpix", now I'll stick my workstations into my new domain and see if I can map my drives again...


Author Comment

ID: 10829472
Kabaam, if you're still around...

I moved my XP Pro workstation into my new domain, "sportpix" problem...

Now I want to get my old profile back...When the domain name was "home" I had a profile set up...that is now gone with a log in to the new domain name...

Logged into the domain as SPORTPIX/steve and I go to My Computer>Properties>Advanced>User Profiles>Settings...I have 3 profiles showing...
     SPORTPIX\steve...which is my current domain profile
     STEVEXP\steve...which is my local logon...
            Both of these profiles are small, about 900KB...
     Account Unknown...which is 22.8 MB and would be my old domain profile...

Problem...the "copy to" button is greyed out when I highlight "Account Unknown" and

Any suggestions on how to get my old profile moved over to my new domain profile???

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Expert Comment

ID: 10829552
your old profile is running off of old domain security settings.
As admin you need to take ownership of the folder and all sub folders/files.
you should be able to copy after that.
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Expert Comment

ID: 10829566
you may want to try it this way instead of the right click copy;en-us;242067
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Expert Comment

ID: 10829691
so... is all well in sportpix-ville?
I take it you were able to copy the profile over and access the mapped drives without problems.
excellent...good luck and good night :-)

Author Comment

ID: 10837251
Hay, Kabaam...

Mapping drives was no problem...
But I could not copy my profile over...the link you gave me didn't give me any was just a description of what I was trying to do...

When I would highlight my old profile from the old domain, it would not let me "copy" it over to  the new domain...

So I just went into the Documents Settings> the old profile >Desktop, and copied over to the new desktop and re-iinstalled and/or reactiviated what applications I needed to...
The mappings to all the drives stayed the same so it really wasn't a biggie...

Thanx for your help

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