wildcard ssl cert: need static ip for each subdomain?

i am wondering, if one has a valid wildcard cert for *.mydomain.com, in order to host multiple secure subdomains from that cert would one need a static ip for each subdomain?  i think the answer is 'yes' but i figured i'd ask to make sure as i could find nobody stating this explicitly anywhere.

so, with a wldcard cert and two virtual hosts on the same ip:

x.mydomain.com ->
y.mydomain.com ->

is a no-no, right?

instead they all still need to be ip-based sites:

x.mydomain.com ->
y.mydomain.com ->

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periwinkleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes - you'd need a separate IP address, but only one cert.  So, x.mydomain.com and y.mydomain.com would need separate ip addresses.
u need seperate ip address for hosting multiple certificate
u can do one thing
host the second virtual host on a different port
there no other solution for this :)
go_veganAuthor Commented:
great, thanks for the info.
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