How: IE Access via dialup to NAT server

I am using windows 2000 server and have NAT configured to give users on the local LAN IE access, this all works fine. My problem is I would like remote users whom are dialing up to the RRAS server to also have access to the iternet. I use a MODEM to connect to the internet, not a NIC, so I can't just add the NIC to the NAT configuration.

So how do I add the dialup connection [IN] to be enabled on NAT?
I have a dial on demand connection setup for using my adsl modem for outgoing NAT traffic.

I have a few screenshots here:
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moduloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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just a thought can you bind them together ?
Rick111Author Commented:
Which? The modem is binded to the dial demand connection but that is for outgoing only, as ddc can only be used for outgoing connections. Other than that I don't understand what you're asking.

Alternative Solution:
I have ended up using Kerio WinRoute which enables [Dial In] connections to be included in the NAT configuration, and just use RRAS for routing and dial in/VPN.
Sounds like you found the right track !
I did not know it was for outgoing only....

see you do learn something everyday!!!!!

Sorry I couldn't help

Take Care

Rick111Author Commented:
thanks for your time anyways mate ;)
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