internet explorer memory could not be wrriten at ........

operating system windows 2000
i was using norton antivirus when i uninstall NAV and installed avg (AV) after that my
my internet explorer is not being open it gives error massege "the exception unknown software exception (0x00000fd) occured in the
application at location 0x68006f37
click ok terminate program
click cancle to debug the program"
The instruction at 0x782f3439 referenced memory at xxxxxxxx The memory could not be written. Click ok to terminate program
click cancle to debug the program
I have done updating with all microsoft patches as well as installing sp1 to sp4 with
ie6 even .
still i could not get actual resolution of this problem.
any help
As well as thanks in advance

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supportsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
go to Internet Explorer options
click on advance
remove the checkmark from third party browser extension (requires restart) .. click ok and restart the computer

Then try IE

Hope this resolves your problem
(A) Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling AVG? Test IE after the uninstall to see if it works (I expect it will) and then again after you reinstall (hopefully it will work).

(I) Can you tell me the reason you are changing from Norton to AVG? It might end up being easier to just go back to Norton.

(I) Also, are you using AVG Professional or the Free version? And is it version 7.0?

(comment) AVG's system requirements are so low (486, 32MB RAM) that I am sure you meet those easily.

(comment) I didnt' find anything in the Microsoft Knowledge base under W2K about AVG, or under Win2K or IE6 that matches either of your error messages.

(both) Did you install the IE6 SP1 patch? If not, do that and try it.

(both) Have you asked for help from the AVG's support? if you would like to send them an email about this. They don't have much of a support area that I can search.

Now, take your time with these, and let me know what happens with each one. That will make it easier to decide what to try next. I tried to make it easier for you by listing each item as an (A)ction item, where I want you to try something, and an (I)nformation item, where I am just asking you a question and need you to give me the answe. Of course, I also need to know what happens after you perform the action items. (Comments) are just so you know what I have tried, and so I remember what I have tried as well, to narrow down the next steps, if these don't work.




I've heard about similar problems when uninstalling Norton AV - it likes to make settings in your system and does't like them
changed. Or, so I've heard.
When you uninstalled Norton, did you do it through Add/Remove  Progams or did you do it through Norton's uninstall?
There may be Startup, registry entries, etc. that have to be delt with.
Good luck and let us know how your doing!
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You can find out how to uninstall Norton fully here if you want to...

If your intent is to stop using Norton in future may I suggest the free for home use "Avast" virus scanner. Its updated every day or so. Ive used it for at least 6 months on Windows 2KPro and its been better than any other I've tried before including AVG.

You can download it from here if you'd like to give it a go...
niteshsaxena1Author Commented:
Thanks Chirspy,Rossfingal,and Orbiter5
for suggestions,

I have done many times installing and uninstalling(through add/remove) for both norton as well as avg(free)
but every time response was same . further i didnot do uninstalling of norton but other
user did so . As i told that i did install sp1 to sp4 installing and unstalling with all microsoft
patches one by one and response was same but when i do install sp4 than click
on ie then it does not work and i dont get any error massege. when i uninstall sp4 i get same error massege.
 now to be more specific, right now  there is no problem with antivirus s/w
what i think if i do uninstall both av then ie should work but it is not working.
issue is not av's but the ie .
I suppose this problem is very critical and after surfing on may site still i could not find any solution except formatting that i can't do.   Thanks Again to all of you.
Aside from software problems, have you checked your hardware?  Make sure your operating temperatures are normal and if you've got some good diagnostic software, run a burn-in test on your RAM.  This may also indicate a problem with your hard disk if you are using it for a swap file (most likely), so running scandisk would also be a good idea.
niteshsaxena1, in my last post I provided step-by-step instructions that I believe will solve your problem. I also asked for you to post the results. I spent a lot of time putting my post together, so please let me know if you are going to try what is in my post. If you don't understand something, please let me know I would be glad to explain further.

niteshsaxena1Author Commented:
hi chrispy,
 as i told i avg was free version
secondly my system is p3 intel processor 128mb Ram and i am sure   there is no problem
with my hardware. (Netscape navigator working fine).
thirdly you asked about sp1 patch ie that i have done response is same.
finally i removed  avg and  and problem is still there and response is same  so i dont think we should ask for avg techsupport.
Now i answered  all your questions and i hope you will suggest me how to solve the problem.
Again Thanks Chrispy and all who are looking to solve this problem.
No problem, I love to help!

OK, so the state we are in is that you have uninstalled AVG, and are still having problems.

Are you getting the same error message when you try and use IE now as before you uninstalled AVG?

Now that AVG is uninstalled, I would try reinstalling IE6. What may have happened is that a file that IE needs was messed up at some point by the AVG install, and could not be fixed by reinstalling IE as long as AVG was still installed, and now it might be able to fix the missing/corrupted/evil file.

I'll try and think of other things as well, let me know how the IE reinstall goes. I may end up recommending you reinstall Windows. If you have the disk available, you might want to try that if the IE reinstall doesn't work!

niteshsaxena1Author Commented:
Hi Chirspy,
                 the answer of your 1st question is yes.
Now i want to know how to uninstall compleatly ie   and reinstalling.
I can't reinstall win2000 because my lots of data will be deleted.
again thanks for help and taking interest to solve this problem.
I'm not sure what supports has in mind, but I would try that, and it might solve the issue!

If not:

Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 293907 How to Uninstall Internet Explorer 6;en-us;293907&Product=ie600

make sure you have the IE6Setup.exe file downloaded before you do this, or have IE on disk so that you can reinstall when you are done.


PS If you reinstall Win2K over the old install, you shouldn't lose your data. That would take a 'clean install', that is, FORMAT and reinstall. I wouldn't recommend that, unless you don't need anything on your machine! :)
niteshsaxena1Author Commented:
Hi  Chrispy,
    As you will be knowing that during win2000 installtion we get therr option and
1. clean installtion
2. repair previous windows installtion
3. overwrite
as indicted in first option it is clean installtion and second is repair that i have done
and third and last is overwrite and in overwrite my all s/w will be deleted like visul studio,
msoffice etc . even i know that it will not delete any other folder or files those are not of windows
but i will destroy all my drivers as well as network settings , this is why i dont want to use this option.
Again Thanks for investing your valueable time to sortout the problem and still i am looking to
solve the problem.

the steps i have written can help .. as some additional toolbars also give the same problem and this options remove the same ... these toolbars will not appear but also stop the access to IE .. pls do try the same and let me the result .. so that i can look for other resolutions
niteshsaxena1Author Commented:
Thanks Support ,
                         I went on internet option and clicked on advance but i didnot not find the option
"Third Party browser extension(requires restart)" . Even i don't install additional toolbars.
Any thing else to do. Thanking you again.
Actually, I did not know the exact options of the Win2K install. Thank you for the information. If the update install didn’t work, then I would NOT try the overwrite install!

Something you might try (and this is just good info, whether it is applicable to the problem or not) is adware/spyware (and unauthorized toolbar) removal.


Spybot Search & Destroy

FYI, “Third Party browser extension (requires restart)" is under the Browsing Section in the Advanced Tab.

niteshsaxena1Author Commented:
Thanks Supports , Chrispy Thank you so much
Ultimately my problem is solved now.
suddenly i could find that option "Third party browser extension(requires restart)" and
as i did uncheck that option my internet explorer working fine with no problem.

          Thanking you again.
                                       with Regards
Glad that we could help! Also, please close the question and award supports his points!

niteshsaxena1Author Commented:
How to close and how to award

Please would you like to let me know.
Glad to help! Pick on of supports posts, preferably the one that gave the solution, such as the one from:

Comment from supports
Date: 04/19/2004 01:32PM PDT

Well, this can explain it better than I can!

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