Repeater Clients can't see internet

Posted on 2004-04-15
Last Modified: 2010-04-11
I am having problems configuring a DWL 1000AP+ in repeater mode to extend the range of a wireless network.  Setup is as follows.

Internet >  DSL-604 >    Wireless Link   >  DWL-1000AP +  >  Wireless Clients
              Wireless Clients

Both boxes are set up to issue addresses by DHCP to clients.  The 604 issues IPs in the range -   The DWL-1000AP+ Issues -  The repeater is told to ignore DHCP and always use

Wireless Clients of the repeater (provable by having IPs in it's range) are able to ping and get a response but are unable to access the internet.  Domain names are not being resolved even when the client is told to use a known DNS server on the internet (The same one allocated to the DSL-604 by the ISP).

The repeater does know that its gateway is

Any idea what I need to do to get this working?
Question by:krankie
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Expert Comment

ID: 10833542
1) can they ping dns servers by ip?
2) you shouldnt reallly have 2 DHCP servers on the same network,  cant the 604 issue all the ip's?

Author Comment

ID: 10842212
Tried switching DHCP off which resulted in the repeater issuing IP numbers beginning 169.*.*.* or something completely surreal, so clearly not getting DHCP from the 604 when this happens.

The 604 is set up on channel 4, the repeater on channel 10, however netstumbler sees the repeater as channel 4 with an * next to it.  I presume this means that thw wireless part is working but the network protocol (IP) still has some dodgy settings.

Expert Comment

ID: 10843673
can the DWL 1000AP+ be set to bridge mode?
dont do it just asking, becuase u should be able to somehow "bind" the DWL 1000AP to the dsl using mac address

it sure is a problem tho why your 1000 isnt being assigned a ip by the 604, have you checked the scope?
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Author Comment

ID: 10847063
Yes it can.  Wireless Client, Wireless Bridge and repeater modes all require the remote MAC address to be entered (the wireless MAC address of the 604 in this case).

I have upgraded the firmware on the 1000ap+ from 1.15 to 1.19 this evening so am hopeful but not confident that this will make a difference.  Won't be able to test it til tomorrow though.

The setup at the moment is:

                     604           1000AP+

IP   static in both cases
DHCP      Enabled            Disabled

SSID                 identical on both
WEP          enabled and identical on both
Channel       4                    10

What do you mean by 'checking the scope'?  I am not familiar with the jargon so it could well be a reference to something I've missed.

The only thing I haven't tried yet is to change the range of the 604 so that it will only issue thru   Is it possible it thinks the router is actually one of its own end clients rather than a router it can traffic data through?

I suppose what I am asking is what is the standard practice here?  Should the IP of routers be inside or outside the range of the DHCP server on a network?  Or should it make no difference?


Accepted Solution

andydis earned 125 total points
ID: 10861132
forget about changing the scope, set the 1000APas a wireless bridge, then see what happens

Author Comment

ID: 10892323

I contacted D-Link tech support today and the bloke told me the two devices will not talk to one another.  They have had other customers with the same problem and have tried themselves (and failed) to get the DWL-1000AP+ to work with the DSL-604+.

He told me to exchange the DWL-1000AP+ for a DWL-900AP+ which is known to work with the DSL-604.  I've contacted the vendor to try and arrange this.

Author Comment

ID: 11624476
A quick update for anyone stumbling on this thread with a similar problem.

The DWL-900AP+ would not function in repeater mode with the DSL-604 either, despite being from the same manufacturer.  There is evidence though that they will work together on <a href=""> this thread </a>, but as there are several different hardware versions of both devices it might be down to luck as to whether your combination will work.

I ended up running 20m of Ethernet cable between the two devices through a conduit in the breezeblock wall that was causing the signal problems.  I then configured the DWL-900AP+ as an access point on a different channel to the 604.  Everything now works like a charm.

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