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I am trying to setup a wireless network in my home. the network itself is already setup but what I am trying to do is install a range extender(Dlinks DWL-800AP+). everything works until I try installing that. I am using the 128 bit wep encryption and the router that I am using is a linksys. I am setting the dlink in repeater mode and I don't seem to beable to ever access the network that was previously setup. Any help would be much appreciated. If you need any more info then please ask away.
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NetTech590Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Repeater mode is not part of the Wi-Fi certification so a device in repeater mode will only be fully compatible with a device from the same manufacturer.  As per this statement from D-Links Web site.

"The DWL-800AP+ will repeat the wireless signal of:

DI-754 (with inserted DWL-650+)
Unfortunately we can not guarantee compatibility with other manufacturer´s devices. Repeater mode is not part of the Wi-Fi certification and may not repeat devices other than those listed above. "


Does the repeater require you to set up the WEP keys on it as well.....I know on most you need to set up WEP keys so that they "trust" each others transmittions.

That would be my first suggestion to check.

Also make sure that any other information that may need to be present is there.. such as same SSID, Channel, and so on.

Let me know if you need any help!!

  There should be a cd that U put in your pc to connect to the range extender.  
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sk33v3Author Commented:
Nope, the CD doesn't have anything on it except some PDF files. I did setup the WEP keys and everything else.
sk33v3Author Commented:
Any ideas as to what I could use to increase the range on my Linksys?
mmm, interesting...if the wep keys are set up, and the SSID is set up with the right name and your on the right channel, it should be working for you..

What version of 802.11 are you using for each?

are both the same 802.11 series or are the capable of handeling multiple signals?

for instance... is your router 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, and what is the extender protocols taht are supported?
Hi, I have this wireless device, I remember reading something on repeater mode, something like it has to be the same device to the accesspoint of your network...cant remember exactly but it was in the pdf in the cd.

Did you enter the MAC address of the access point correctly into the repeater? It's like the WEP code . . . it has to be exact.
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