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I have built a visual basic software that uses XML to access a url on our website. When the software goes to access the page they get the error Method of object failed: 2146697211.

We have had this problem before and realized it was because the user was not connected to the Internet. However, the customer says they have an Internet Connection.

Is there any other reasons why this might be happening?
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E-E Admin
Please post your code with the error line indicated.
Hi hansam,
> We have had this problem before and realized it was because the user
> was not connected to the Internet.
I guess that was not exactly the reason. Rather, the user did not have IE6 installed on their system.
This customer might have an Internet Connection, but still no IE6 installed.

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hansamAuthor Commented:
Sorry I was getting frustrated so I didn't completely type out the scenerio.
We built software for a client who is a very large wholesaler. The whole point of the software is to retrieve and allow the ordering of the clients weekly specials, by their customers.

On a few computers that got this error, the real problem was they weren't connected to the Internet. Now, one of their customers receives that error and claims they are connected to the Internet. I asked the general manager of the company to find out the following questions:

1). What ISP is being used.
2). Does the user have a personal firewall running.
3). Is the user behind a proxy.
4) What version of IE are they using!

bingie, Mod:
Unfortunately hansam has not returned to either confirm or deny my suggestion that installing IE6 would solve the problem.
For PAQ value, I think it might be a useful suggestion to a future asker using the search engine.
Hence, suggest points Dabas

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