Help assigning URL link to text in Photoshop 7 Menu.

New to Photoshop, Have downloaded a photoshop template, loaded and have been able to edit the majority of it with no problem.

Need to assign an URl link to several different text options, but I think they are all grouped together. I highlighted the text I wanted the link assigned to and opened Image ready, selected the image palette and typed in my url, however when testing discovered it had selected the entire image (Now anywhere you click on the page sends you to my url....

Any direction would be appreciated, and please keep in mind I have never used Photoshop before...


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WiseyDConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Open the pic in question in Image Ready.

Hit the letter "P" on you keyboard to select the image map tool.

Make sure the image map pallette is open. Select windows on the menu and then make sure there is a check mark next to "Image Map Pallette".

Using the image map tool trace around the area you want to use as a link or apply the URL to.

In the image map pallette enter a new name if you don't want to use the default.

Enter your URL.

Enter your target if required ( e.g., if you want the link to open in its own window, frame,etc,)

Add your alt description if desired.

This sounds like what you want. However with out knowing more details it would be hard to give more in return.

You can also assign url's to slices as well. Just use the slice selct tool to select the slice you wish to assign a url too (if you have your image sliced? Sounds like you don't) and type the url into the slice pallette.

This would all be done in Image Ready.

You can also assign URL's inside of Photoshop without going to image ready if you like by using the slice tool.

Slice your image using the slice tool (letter "K" on keyboard) according to your specs.

Make sure you slice the area you want to assign a URL to into its own slice.

Select the slice select tool. It is in the same spot on the tool menu as the slice tool. Just hold down your mouse on the slice tool in the menu to open the pop up menu to find it. (alternativly you can just hit "shift K" on the keyboard to switch between the slice tool and the slice select tool)

Using the slice select tool, double click on the slice you wish to assign a URL to.

This will open the "slice options" dialog box. In this dialog box you can assign your URL to the slice, message text, alt text, target etc.

Hope this helps.
Why not assign the URL outside Image Ready? Do it manually by editing the IR generated HTML.
Seems like you need a simple image map. your slices sound like they are messed up.

Q. -> do you need to slice your image?
-> even if you do, you can use the "rectangle image map tool" in imageready to make selections.
-> start back at photoshop, and get rid of all the links. only slice the image if you have to because of size or placement. jump to image ready, and draw your image map selections over your text. Next, assign the correct link to each. publish.
-> By the way if you save for web in photoshop, saving images and html, you can update it from imageready.

If this doesent help, please post specific details so we can help you as best as possible.
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