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If I'd like to allow certain remote hosts to log into my linux box, how do I specify those hosts (i.e. allow remote login)?   Can I type a command from a bash shell or do I save the name/ip, username of remote host in some file, and if so, which one is it and how can I specify?   Please let me know.
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owensleftfootConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For ssh access all you need to do is make sure sshd is started. Its usually installed by default.Issue the command "chconfig sshd on" - if you get an error you will have to install the openssh-server rpm from your fedora installation cdroms. Then reissue the previous command. Then issue the command "service sshd start" to start the ssh server. Adding a user is simple. "useradd windows" will add a new user called windows. "passwd windows" will allow you to set the users password. To use ssh you will need an ssh clent for windows.
You can get a good free one at

The bits about hosts.allow and hosts.deny were because I thought you wanted to only allow access to certain ip addresses. As da99 says this only applies to services run with the xinetd superserver. However most servers can be started from there - sshd included. But I guess you dont need hostbased authentification.
What service ftp etc. are you trying to stop allow access to ?
And  what linux distro are you using ?

You would put their hostnames (or ip addresses) in /etc/hosts.allow and put ALL:ALL in /etc/hosts.deny
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da99rmdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
But thats just for indet.d and xinet.d services.

skyblue01Author Commented:
>What service ftp etc. are you trying to stop allow access to ?
>And  what linux distro are you using ?

I'm just trying to allow ssh access from my windows box(say, hostname windows) to my linux box and was trying to setup the linux box to accept such incoming connection.   In my windows box, when I initiate an ssh connection to linux, I'll be needing a login name and a password.   This needs to be set up in linux, right?   How would I do that?

I'm using FedoraCoreI

>But thats just for indet.d and xinet.d services.

What do you mean by that?   You mean what I said above doesn't apply to /etc/host.allow and /etc/host.deny?
skyblue01Author Commented:
Thanks for the detailed explanation.   I'll see what I can do.
You dont have to do a computer specific account to allow/disallow access you can as its described above access this account from anyware.

If you want to just be be able to access the sshd from you linuc computrer you have to block it in your firewall.
do you have a firewall running at this moment ?
If you want help setting up the rule just post back.

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