How to stroke with anti alias

I have a shape on a transparent background.
When I stroke it, I get a very jagged edge.
How can i make this anti aliased.
The anti alias options don't show up when
i select the stroke option.
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I think your problem came in when you say:

" The origianl source image had a radial fill in grey.
It was flattedned so I changed the fill to total

How did you "change the fill to total white?"

For the future, stroking objects on a layer is better accomplished by going through the Effects panel on the layer rather than selecting with the magic wand.

Is it a GIF that you opened and are editing? Are you in RGB mode or Indexed Color mode?
astollerAuthor Commented:
NO, its a PSD file
And its RGB, not colour index mode.
Basic shape was taken from another psd file
and dropped into a  new document, then stroked.
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Is the source material anti-aliased?
astollerAuthor Commented:
It simply a white triangle on a transparent background
I dont know if its anti aliased.
If this is the prob, how can I antialias it?
Well, does it have jaggy edges, or does it have smooth edges? How are you selecting it in order to stroke it?
astollerAuthor Commented:
The triangle shape is on its own layer.
I select the layer.Then stroke it
Could you please make some suggestions now?
I really need an answer.
Gotta figure out exactly what you have before I'm going to make a suggestion.

I cannot reproduce the problem here so i figure it has to be something weird with your source material. Perhaps your DPI is set too low? Does your source material have smooth edges? How are you selecting the layer? command-clicking on it or are you using the magic wand?
astollerAuthor Commented:
Then just answer this point.
Let's say the source material has jagged edges.
So how do we fix that?
How do I smooth the edges of the white triangle?

(To select the layer I just select the layer of the layer window.
No command click, no magic wand)

If the source has jagged edges, you need to re-create it as an anti-aliased object. It may not have been. DOES it have jagged edges now? You might be able to fix it with a SLIGHT gaussian blur but its better to re-create.

To do the stroke you're using Edit>Stroke?
astollerAuthor Commented:
The origianl source image had a radial fill in grey.
It was flattedned so I changed the fill to total
Then stroked it.
Now its jagged.
How can I recreate the original shape and then
make it anti aliased?
I can't hand draw it because its too irregular.
It's just a triangle isnt it? You cant use the polygon lasso to make a triangle, then fill it?

You can follow this tutorial just substitute their shape in step 2 with your original shape:

It may help you to smooth out the edges.

Good Luck,

jpete003, that technique works well, but has the additional (and perhaps undesired) effect of rounding all corners.

astoller, you could try this:

1. Select the layer with your shape.
2. Select the Magic Wand tool. In the Tool Options bar at the top of the screen, make sure that the "Anti-Aliased" and "Contiguous" selection options are checked ON. Set the tool tolerance to a low value -- try 5 and work up from there if you need to.
3. Click anywhere within the image area, but outside the shape.
4. Invert the selection (Select > Inverse).
5. Now stroke as you see fit.

Hope this helps --

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