Joining two LAN's with each having its own ADSL connection???

I have a big  problem with networking. Well here is the scenario
I have two ADSL connections

ADSL 1)         IP            =
                    Subnet      =
                    Gateway     =


ADSL 2)       IP            =
                  Subnet       =
                  Gateway      =

and I have two independent LAN's running on the above ADSL connections respectively with the server ip's addresses as

LAN 1 for ADSL 1 )        IP          =
                                  Subnet   =


LAN 2 for ADSL 2 )        IP         =
                                  Subnet =

                  Both the LAN1 and LAN 2 servers are having WinXP pro and Wingate as the Proxy server.

   Well these are two independent LANs and are not connected to each other...... and both use 10/100MB Switches instead of Hubs and around 15 users on both. Here lies my problem .I want two connect these two LAN's and use the first ADSL connection for heavy download's like for Kazaa and others stuff for the clients on both LAN 1 and 2....and I want to use the second ADSL connection just for Browsing for the clients of both  LAN 1 and 2. Is there a possible way to set this up adding a router and other ip settings ( me virtually a newbie)
....or is there a possibility fo running the two ADSL LAN connections on one server computer (which is P4 2.4Ghz/512MB RAM)
Please Help as we are just Medical Studenst trying to set up a LAN !!!!
125 is all I have :-(
Thanks in advance
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Hi there,

Here's the start you should make.

First of all, make sure that both network have different subnets, else the routing won't work that good. Try using the with a subnet 0f

Then try creating two default gateways on the pc's. One that points to the router you'd like to use for the internet traffic and one you like to use for Kazaa. Make sure that you give the Kazaa router a metric of 2 (less important).

Then, if you set up packet filters on the ADSL router that you would like to use for internet to only accept ports
80 = HTTP
443 = HTTPS
21 = FTP

Don't set any packet filters on the second router. Then, the pc's try to contact Kazaa through the first router and it will not work. Then it will try it's second route and this will work...

Still, this is a hard job doing, i even think i couldn't pull this one of, i don't know how to program the router. But the only other way is to use a computer using Server 2000 or 2003 with RRAS. Then you can make routes for several protocols. The only problem is that a server version costs about $ 600 to $ 1000

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It's relatively easy to configure routing so that traffic for some destination addresses goes out one gateway and everything else goes out another.

It's relatively difficult (and probably not available on devices that fit your budget...) to direct traffic of certain *types* out one gateway and everything else out another.

Can you configure the heavy downloads to use a proxy?  If so, you might set up a proxy machine with two NICs so that it's the only one that connects to the "heavy downloads" router, and have everybody point to the other router as their gateway.

Go and pick up a Linksys/Cisco Rv082 dual wan router $240.00
it will take wan 1 and use it as a primary, wan 2 will be used as load balancing or failover or DMZ whatever you choose, set the router to nat and the local lan Ip of increase your DHCP range on the router, clients will never know the change took place or if one of your data lines drop.
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