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second nic, second network for W95 class boxes

XXX is a 2000 box which belongs to a 2000 domain.  I installed
a second nic card in this box and gave it an ip address outside the
domain subnet.  ICS is OFF.

This second nic goes to an isolated hub that connects to all our W95 boxes.

I placed a share on XXX, with permissions and security wide open.

All the boxes on the "95" net belong to a workgroup.  None see the share.
They can ping XXX and ask for a password when you try to connect to XXX.

Is there a way the 2nd nic (in XXX) can act as a workgroup?  We need
to keep the 95 boxes off the domain network but have a storage
area common to both.   We want a share that can be seen by both.

If this is not possible, then suggestions please.  THanks.

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1 Solution
I think this will work - right now you can't 'see' the share, but I would try manually mapping a drive to the share

1) share the folder on 2000, giving permission to a user account you create
2) on win95, login using the sameusername that exists on the 2000 box
3) on win95, open a command prompt and do "net use h: \\<servername>\<sharename>", substituting the correct names
or - (if that fails)
4) on win95, open a command prompt and do "net use h: \\<serveripaddress>\<sharename>", substituting the correct address and sharename

if you get errors somewhere here, post what they are...
hank1Author Commented:
We did try the manual mount from the 95 box but were asked for a password.  But whos password?....

They didn't ask for a user name.  The local login used the name ABC, so we assume they wanted that.
ABC is a domain user with a domain password.

we've done this before.  You think this could have anything to do with the physical disk?  The
other episode used an new physical drive.  I wonder if there is something special about the home/system
drive in a dual nic setup like this.  Humm.

hank1Author Commented:
Don't get an error except that ipc asks for a password I can not supply.

I tired to create a local account on the w2k box but have been unable
to access thru it.  Since the w95 box is not in the domain I think I've got
a problem here with security.

I've hit some news groups that say you must have the guest account enabled.
Our's not by corp policy.
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I don't think you need to enable guest...

I haven't used 95 in a while, but I know for certain that Win98 can make peer-to-peer connections to 2000 file shares. The issue that often happens is this:
- when you try to make a connection from 2000 or NT, you can specify a name and password in the 'connect as', but when using 95/98, you can only supply a password. The user name is the user name that you used to login to 95 or 98 with. (Even if you aren't getting prompted, it is still using a username). If you look for .pwd files on the harddrive and delete them, then it should reprompt you for a 95 login - and you'll have to use the same name/password as you create in 2000....
hank1Author Commented:
1 Blow away the password files on w95 .. check
2. Create a local account wit the same name and password on the w2k box.

I'll try BUT I have alread logged in on the w95 box as "u123" pw "pw123" and
had previously created a local account on the 2k box with the same name and pw.
I would think that the accounts would have different certificates since they were
created seperately.  I'll try again.  Thanks
try NetBEUI Protocol for the older machines

Reconfigure Adapters......

as long as the name and the password are the same, then you should be able to map the drive - and as long as the shared folder has permissions granted to that user on the 2K machine...

login as the correct user on 95, and then try to use the 'net use' commands and see what error/messages you get

hank1Author Commented:
Into w95 with user=Me, pwd=Mepwd.  This is the same
name and pasword used to log into the w2k box.

used net use x: \\w2kbox\shareName

and received prompt for password.  Mepwd failed.

Two messages in the net use episode

1.  "You do not currently have access ....

2. "The password is invalid ...

The share is 'everyone' AND 'Me', full control.  Just to mention
again, corp has disabled the guest account.

hank1Author Commented:
Will try the netbeui tonight.  Thanks
Hows it going
hank1Author Commented:
PUlled off.  Installing new printer/fax/scanner/mailer/remote diagnostic "printer".
But will get back to this.  The boss wants all w95 boxes off the w2k network.
I'll let you know.
"The boss wants all w95 boxes off the w2k network"

this could fix it! :)

In all honesty, if you can convince someone to fund a company-wide upgrade, your life will be soooo much simpler. Everyone knows that Win9x is far from ideal!!

Also, remember that adding NetBEUI to the 95/98 machines means you have to add it to your servers as well - NetBEUI is a separate network protocol, independant of TCP/IP. So, you're talking about changing from a 1-protocol network to a 2-protocol network. This means double the amount of browser broadcast traffic, and extra overhead on each PC, and on the network. Not something I would choose to do. I would prefer to get things working with TCP/IP than to start adding additional protocols.

just my opinion!
good point !

but it would at least determine if connection can be established !


Here's your answer----------

IF the share has NTFS.....You will not be able to access with 95 which is most likey FAT16


Your best bet at this point is the DOS built into Windows 95......access NTFS shares through a program called

found here......

Sorry again...

Windows 95 *can* map drives and read shares on NTFS partitions.

Windows 95 just can't have one of it's own partition formatted as NTFS. When you map a drive, you're not reading the file system directly.

My Windows machines map to a Linux server using the EXT3 file system - they can't read that filesystem natively, but they can access it through a share, no problem.
See they always say you learn something everyday.
I did not realize this about mapping !

Thanks JammyPak,

hank1Author Commented:
so ... back.

What about putting a fat32 drive on the dual nic server and
sharing that drive.  As I read the above, it seems the problem
is ntfs - even though it's the login I can't seem to get past.
tcp/ip is up and working fine.

fyi - can get rid of the w95 box.   It, they, are test platforms.

Let you know how it goes.
the problem isn't ntfs...

the 95 machine that is doing the mapping has no clue what filesystem the server is using...and it doesn't care.

Actually- what I mean is that you don't need to switch from NTFS - but, you WILL need to make sure that the NTFS permissions on the shared directories/files gives at least read permission to the user account that is connecting.

So, from the 2000 machine, you'll need to set the 'sharing' and the 'security' tabs on the directory properties to both have permissions for the user that's connecting
hank1Author Commented:
its set for everyone full everything
hank1Author Commented:
Never did get it to go.  The main it guy will be here in June.  We'll
let him have a go.  Thanks for all your help.  If things get slow I'll
hit it again.
Ok, last shot...here's a complete dump of everything I can think of ;-)

- from the 95 PC - can ping server by address
- from the 95 PC - can ping server by name
- from the 95 PC - can map a drive to some other computer? Maybe NetBT is messed up?
- User account - EXACT same username and password that you create in 2000, you use the same to logon to 95
- User account - on 2000, try putting this user into Administrators as a test - maybe the account doesn't have the 'access this computer across the network' user priviledge
- Permissions - on 2000, check the 'Sharing' tab, and give this user account Full access to the share
- Permissions - on 2000, check the 'Security' tab, and give this user account Full access to the directory and the files
- Share name - 95 can only map to < 8 character share name

- other - no personal firewalls running? disable if so

- from 95 - do Start - Run - then \\<servername>
- you should get just a password prompt
- you have already logged in as the right user, so type in the password
- CAPS lock is off (getting desperate, I know!)

If this fails I give up. Reinstall 95!

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