Disconnect Web Project didn't

We accidently put a project (a production site) under source control.  In the VI IDE, we went to Project/Source Control/Disconnect Web Project.  This worked -- almost.  This removed half the files from SS control, but a lot of the files are still locked by VSS.  We've tried to Recalculate Links, but this didn't do any good.  In VB, you can just delete the .SCC files to remove SS integration, but I can't find anything like that for VI solutions.  Please help.  We need to move some files into production, and the boss doesn't want to shortcut the promotion process.
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Anthony PerkinsCommented:
Have you seen these articles from MSDN:
PRB: Read-Only Visual SourceSafe User Can Modify Web Projects

HOWTO: Disconnect a Project from Source Control

I am not sure if it relates directly, but it may help.  Also, you may have more luck in the Visual Basic Topica Area as it has more traffic.
LandyJAuthor Commented:

Sorry for the delay in posting a reply.  This is still an issue, but we went on to "bigger and better" issues with the VSS conversion/split.  After I cleaned up hte db, repaired everything and archived/restored everything necessary in a new VSS database, this is still an issue.  MS Premier Support has it now.  I'm waiting for my case to make it to the top.

I'll post the solution as soon as this is resolved.

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LandyJAuthor Commented:
OK, here's what we did:

Frontpage Extensions uses the META-DATA files to integrate source control with VID.  There are two keys in each META-DATA file associated with the real file on a website: "vti_sourcecontrolcookie" & "vti_sourcecontrolversion"  Delete these two lines, save the file and recalculate links.  You can do the recalculate from VID or ISS on the webserver.  Or, since you're going to recalculate anyway, just delete the META-DATA file completely and do the recalculate.  Frontpage will re-create the meta-data file.  This is especailly useful if you have multiple files erroneously being reported under source control.  Just delete all the files in the _vti_cnf folder (but not the folder itself!), and recalculate links.

BTW -- META-DATA files are in the _vti_cnf folder.  They are text files, even though they contain the same name & extension as the real file, so open them with notepad or wordpad.
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
Great work!  I would suggest you PAQ this question for future reference.  
See here for more info:
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LandyJAuthor Commented:
Thanks, AP.  I would have missed that step.
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
Fine with me.
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