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please write your idiots guide to cloning XP SP1a-NTFS on the same machine with larger HDD 'HERE'.....................................

I've been trying endlessly for days on end with loads of programs to clone my hard drive to a larger one and at some stage there is ALWAYS disfunction somewhere, usually right at the welcome screen.
I'm using windows XP SP1 - NTFS and all the hardware is the same except for swapping the maxtor harddrive for a larger maxtor, but it won't clone accurately!
Even, MS sysprep just hangs! Some of you have said I need this and yet others say I don't - so who is right for god sake?

I'm gettting really fed up and pissed off now.

Surely I don't have to re-install everything just because I've swopped the damn hard drive for a bigger one? Damn microsoft; security measures suck!!

Anybody got any clear answers for this beginner in cloning?

Even maxtor have wrote back to me and said that it could prove to be a problem cloning XP SP1 - NTFS! - So how you are all managing to do it is beyond me?
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3 Solutions
I have used Ghost2003 with the disk-to-disk option and changed my system disk from 60GB to 120GB without a hitch with WinXP Home sp1.

The new drive was set up as slave; I cloned; I removed the original and changed the jumper on the new drive to master; rebooted into the BIOS and autodetected the new drive; rebooted and everything worked as before.
Same as Callandor, Ghost 2003 works great with Win XP pro when changing hard drive.

Tip buy Norton Works 2003, it includes Ghost 2003 and can be obtained for a fraction of cost of buying Ghost on its own.
there are a number of free ware programs that clain to work ... I have no experience..
And it is commonly held that Ghost is the best, but there are other commerical programs that are available.

None the less

I personally would prefer to do a fresh XP install and reinstall all the applications, upgrades.. hassle hassle hassle...

... it is the only way to clean the registry, leaves behind all the programs you have installed but don't use, leaves behind other errors etc.

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Oh I do apologise for not reading your mind, or following all your posts ?????

I hope you don't get any further help with an atitude like that.
Everyone keeps saying Ghost, but he's saying its not working, correct?

To be clear, have you tried Ghost?  What cloning programs have you tried?

It seems like a corrupted file system on the old drive... but maybe its something technical, some odd incompatability of the BIOS or motherboard.



You should stop spamming that same message in every thread you find about cloning, because those are closed already with accepted answers and you are not contributing to the knowledgebase.  Just because you have had problems with it (which you did not mention at the beginning) doesn't mean that everyone has had problems with it or will have problems with it.  If you're not interested in solutions, you should not have posted this question.
I am with Callandor on this one.  ( I seem to be saying that alot lately.  : /   )
In your situation I would do this and have done so myself.
( Only do this if you are comfortable in disk management)

Find someone running Windows 2000 server - my work (  as IT Manager no approval sort )

Add both of your hardisks to this machine - probably will require you to unplug something as IDE only can do 4 disks - normally

Right mouse click my computer
Disk Management
Highligh Drive - add mirror

It may ask you to upgrade to dynamic disk - do this (The help in Disk Management
should suffice. )

Once all mirrored up reboot a couple of times to make sure all ok.
Remove smaller hard disk. Start disk manangement. Break mirror.
Reboot a couple of times for safety and then extend partion.
Reboot yet again

If all ok then remove disk and make sure it is master in your pc and go for gold.

isetta345Author Commented:
kotis, netcentral, & parkerig

thanks for doing your best; casper XP worked as the 'one button solution' for me!

the others

"stick it!"
I have a PCMCIA hard drive adapter specifically designed for connecting a second notebook hard drive to a laptop, particularly for when you're upgrading.  The product is called EZ-GIG, and comes with a low-level, boot-floppy-based utility that automatically detects and loads the drivers for the PC Card slots and adapter, and provides a very straight-forward bit copier utility for moving the data over, while extending the original partition to the size of the new drive.

I haven't used it on XP, but it worked like a charm on Win2k...  Just FYI.

David Marcus
*** email address removed ***

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