Outlook 2002 doesn't close *.msg files when message is closed on some machines.

On my machine, if I open a .msg file, it opens fine.  I close it and try to open it again, I get a file in use error.  If I close outlook and reopen it, it again works fine the first time and I get file in use the second time.  

I tried this on another machine, and do not have the same problem.  

I watched file access on my machine, and outlook does indeed not close the .msg file until I close outlook.  I also tried several different files, each one had the same behavior, and outlook closed them all only when exiting.

Does anyone know why this would be happening on one machine, and if there is a way to fix it?
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Try this:
Goto tools/options/other/advanced and turn off mail logging.
JohnBPriceAuthor Commented:
It is already off.
JohnBPriceAuthor Commented:
rosesolutions1, you get the points for at least trying.  Thanks.
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