Moving mailboxes to another exchange server

I am rebuilding the original exchange server and OS. I added a additional DC to the domain and installed exchange with latest sp. I am going to move the mailboxes to the new server but im wondering whats going to happend to all the client profiles in outlook that is pointing to the old server name?? can i add a host record entry on the new server?? how can i move the mailboxes to a new server without any clients knowing or have affect by the change?
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Just go into AD Users and Groups, Right click on a user and then chose Exchange Tasks.  In there you will get the option to Move mailbox.

It does exactly that and all the profile and rules will be uneffected.  The user will not even know what has happened.  Make sure you have a full backup of the mailboxes just in case something goes wrong.  I recently moved 200 mailboxes with no problems though.

You also want to check to see if the old Exchange server is cache.  Bring down the old Exchange box and see if your users can get to their email boxes.

Good Luck
Hi there,

You can make a simple back-up of your mailoxes by using Exmerge. It makes .pst files from your store. This is a easy and effective way to back-up the mailboxes.

I thought that the server has to have the same name when moving mailboxes. If you don't use it in a cluster and the name of the server changes, then in my honest opinion, i think you have to change all the Microsft Exchange Server connection in the profile of the clients... But maybe Nzarth is right and there is no need to do this. But be sure to test it real good, it's not nice when your users suddenly can't work anymore ;)
Joseph NyaemaIndependednt ConsultantCommented:
If you have Microsoft Exchange Advanced Server 2000 then you have nothing to worry about.
Once you have rehomed the users mailbox to the new server, your old microsoft Exchange Advanced Server will act as a front-end server and automatically proxy  connections to the appropriate home server for each user.

For Microsoft Exchange Server you would have to change each users profile after rehoming their mail boxes.
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plimpias1Author Commented:
We have 2000 server. with a different server name? I think were going to have to change all the users profile...but i'll try it today and let nzarth know if hes right..I think in the past i have to change everyones outlook profile to point to the new exchange server. I don't think moving exchange boxes with change the users profile within outlook.. or does anyone know of a script that can ran that will automatically put in the server name for the exchange server.
You should not need to change the profiles.  When I did my network change about 2 months ago I did not have to go round each machine to change where the exchange server is :)

It changed automatically.
Nzarth, you do need to change the Echange profiles. They are not combined with the exchange server, they are placed in the roaming profile. How else could Exchnage now where to look for his server. He cannot find and change it himself. You will have to go through all Exchnage profiles to get this to work.

We also migrated a few months ago. I was told from our network admin company that there is a tool you can use to automatically change the settings, but it didn't seem to work that good. They tested it themselves and worn't happy with the results. So i'm afraid that you have to log in as all your users and change the exchange profile...

Then please explain to me why I did not have to go to any of my users to change their profile?
i can't. Normally you should go to all the users if, and i say if, you change the name of your server. We had to do this also. By only moving the mailbox from on server to antoher and if you are not using Front zend server's you will have to change it.

In the Exchange profile there is a connection that is made to a DNS name... If the DNS name of the server changes, then how can Outlook know this. Exchange doesn't have an option to send tis change to all the workstations, besides, they are not all logged on.

Even in Microsoft books( and i've read them, i'm a Exchange 2000 MCP) they tell you that if you move the mailbox from one server to another server and you don't have Front End server (so the name of the server where you're mailbox resides), you WILL have to change it in the Exchange Profile on a Outlook 2000 box.

I'm only saying what Microsoft says and we also migrated a few months ago, believe me, i still know it, because i had to go to all workstations and log in as all users....
Joseph NyaemaIndependednt ConsultantCommented:
If you do not want to go round those desktops read the following knowledbase article on user profiles;en-us;306962&Product=exch2k
plimpias1Author Commented:
I found out my solution. I did the install and it went real smooth...On users with roaming profiles it did not change the server name was kind of wierd because i did notice that some profiles did change??? < now i was really confused..But to fix the problem i created an alias in dns to point the old server name to the new one..
And that's one thing we didin't thought about.... ;) Nice one plimpias....
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