Timer function in C++

I am using alarm() to time a process.

Is there something with which i can measure by milliseconds ?

The alarm() in C++ allows only seconds and not anything lesser than that.

I did try ftime() and time(),But i need something to timeout automatically.

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Why you post in the C++Builder forum then? ;)

Just kidding, however, the PTimer class sounds like a good idea to me.
There's some documentation  to it in: http://www.openh323.org/docs/PWLib/PTimer.html. This class comes with pwlib-devel, you can easily get it using red carpet.

OR use POSIX timers, check http://www.nd.edu/~lemmon/courses/UNIX/l4a/node9.html. Which is a good idea for portability.
What OS/Platform are you using?
What compiler?
karthikramAuthor Commented:
RH Linux with a g++ compiler 3.2
//Try this!!!
LONGLONG Frequency, CurrentTime, LastTime;
    double TimeScale;

QueryPerformanceFrequency( (LARGE_INTEGER*) &Frequency);
TimeScale = (1.0/Frequency)*1000.0;

QueryPerformanceCounter( (LARGE_INTEGER*) &LastTime);//begin measure

//Add the function in here

QueryPerformanceCounter( (LARGE_INTEGER*) &CurrentTime);//end measure
AnsiString milliseconds = (CurrentTime-LastTime)*TimeScale;
//difference in milliseconds is (CurrentTime-LastTime)*TimeScale
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