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i'm sending emails using smtp but i find that all emails are going to the bulk mail folders/junk folders.. is there any way to prevent this? is this b/c of headers?

thank you.
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caner_elciConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No problem at all.. received as a normal mail..
??? Going to the bulk mail folders ?
That means you may have a rule putting them there, depending of some specific data...
I think it is because of the From field. Do you popultae it correctly ?
(Well the From field doesn't need to be a valid mail address but I can imagine some mail management system are using it to determine if is a valid mail or not)
Jarodweiss, you mean "To" field?
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Are you using the IIS Smtp server? Can you show a piece of code?
caner_elci, I was meaning the From field. It was just an idea...
The To field must be correct as it arrives at the correct mail address. Then if it is redirected in the bulk mail folder, that means (for me) that the software has detected it as a bulk mail, maybe because the From field is left empty or looks like a typical junk address
may be you sending spam? :) what reply-to and from addresses do you use?
alain123Author Commented:
hello all,

the "From" field is a regular email adress

it is valid, and if you reply to it it's a catch all type of email.

I'm not sending any span, I'm using the SMTP server of my ISP authenticating with them. I still don't know why this is happening but i heard it has to do with the headers that spam software will catch it.


alain123Author Commented:
hmm interesting, ok then I guess it's my hotmail account, thank you very much.
Hotmail has some weird spam rules.. probably, it's because of them.. you're welcome..
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