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amd (oc'd) sudden startup problem

My computer specs:
athlon xp 2500+ (running at 2.15ghz with stock cooling)
stock cooling rated for a xp 2800+
350watt psu
asus a7n8x-x (with cpu overheating protection)
40gig seagate barracuda 4
512mb ram (kingmax)
512mb grforce 5200

NOW, lets start.
I have had the configuration for my cpu at 1.750v, 195 internal fsb, and multiplier 11, and it has been working fine for the five months I have owned my computer.  It is idling at 38c, and at 51c max load...nothing too extreme.  Today I turn my winxp machine on as usual...and what happens as it is loading the programs?  Freeze - reboot.  As I was in a hurry anyways, once the ocmputer was restarting I just turned it off from the back and left.  Guess what?  As I return home ... my computer will no longer boot.  Fans are fully functional, lights, cdroms, action, but, the harddrive isnt doing any reading as usual (system can be booted without harddrive...tried without success) and the screen is not turning on.  After numerous of attempts of looking inside of the computer, to resetting the BIOS, I  have turned to this fine forum for advice.  I did do research myself, but, without success, I found no helpful resources that accurately describe my situation.

the obvious lies restlessly on my mind
What is wrong, and how could I ever fix it?
1 Solution
The fans and drives run on 12v. The power supply has 3 voltages 12v 5v and 3.3v. If you loose the 5v or 3.3v it can still act as if it is powering up.  What happens is you don't get power to ram vga or cpu. this is why when the PSU dies or is weak you usually don't get any post warning beeps or video.

This is how I check a no post pc with out bios beeps. Remove All unnecessary hardware. But Cpu RAM and video card.  Verify power supply is working (very important step).  Verify System speaker is properly attached.
If no go and no beeps replace cpu with a known to work cpu or test on known working system
If no go and no beeps replace motherboard.
By now you should  get POST or a warning beep of some type.
Be it ram or video.
I am with Snowguy on the power supply.
pcproblematAuthor Commented:
I do not have ready access to another working amd cpu.  
nevertheless, I attempted the switch of the psu, and the graphic card replacement......with no success.

 I'm thinking it can only be two more things.....mobo, or cpu.  I don't know which to wish for, since they are equally expensive...

I'm a little more aware to my situation, but it is not solved.  
I need some more help on this issue.
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You have also not tried any RAM.

The only way to test the CPU and motherboard is in another system.  I would recommend you take them to a computer place and have them tested there as they will have the parts for it.  
pcproblematAuthor Commented:
So there is no solution I can perform at the moment, besides going to a technician, and giving him, what..$60?, on top of the money I will probably require to buy/replace the malfunctioning component?
Have you completely ruled out overheating?  There is a chance that your thermal compound hardened and is now not doing what it is supposed to.  Even though your temps. are low when you are in the bios this does not show any load.
Reseat the CPU and the memory. You'd be surprised how often that works.
pcproblematAuthor Commented:
say i want to see if the cpu is overheated....are there visible symptoms?  and if I have to take it out of its socket, is it abolutely necessary to clean the thermal compund off of it, or can i just put it back with the old thermal compund (the one that came with stock cooling), if it looks fine.  I was hoping to rule out overheating, but I guess all aspects must be taken into consideration.

Besides that, if I were to remove the thermal compund and replace it with thermal paste, would that solve my initial problem?
>>is it abolutely necessary to clean the thermal compund off of
You have to clean the thermal compound off and put new on.  No matter what.  So you might have to go purchase some.  I like Artic Silver 3 or 5 as it is one of the easier compounds to apply.

I am just giving a suggestion about the overheating.  Trying not to rule anything out.  Usually when something is overheating it will shut down, which what yours is doing.

>>would that solve my initial problem?
it might, if that is the problem.  Thermal compound is cheap, a lot cheaper then taking it some where and have them find this problem, when you could do it.  The AMD thermal pads have been know to harden overtime with heat that is why i am suggesting this.
pcproblematAuthor Commented:
I am shipping it to my technician tonight, and I will give out the points according to the technician's results.  

talk to you soon
pcproblematAuthor Commented:
got back computer.  As it turns was the cpu's thermal compound which had hardened... oh AMD....    o well.  I will see what I am to do with it....for now..the credit goes to buckeyes..

your welcome.
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