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possible to make a ramdrive using c.

is it possible to create a ramdrive using c that can be used in dos or windows.
if so then how?

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aib_42Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The RAMDRIVE.SYS is basically a DOS device driver (which works in 98 btw), so you have to put something like the following in your CONFIG.SYS file:


The actual syntax is:
DEVICE=[drive:][\path\]RAMDRIVE.SYS [Disk_size [Sector_size [Num_entries]]] [/A | /E]
as can be noted in

I forgot to mention, MS's ramdrive has a 32MB size limitation (32767 is the max for the "size" parameter), but there are plenty of alternatives around (Going on www.simtel.net and typing "ramdisk" in the upper right search box reveals about 10)
>create a ramdrive...

Can you please elaborate.
ico2Author Commented:
how can i get a program to allocate space in the memory to be treated as a hard disk???
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Both a hard disk and your RAM are hardware devices.

If you want persistent storage,you can use files and store them on the hard disk.

It is possible indeed. A ramdrive, very briefly, is a disk driver that acts as though it were using a real device, only using system memory for storage.

However, creating a ramdrive for DOS and for Windows are quite different problems. Well, maybe not.
Here's the catch: Microsoft's RAMDRIVE.SYS, which originally came with DOS, as you know is a good example of a ramdrive driver (hmm?), but it does not work with 2000+. Obviously, any driver code you wrote for Windows 2k and beyond would not work in DOS.

If you are looking to write a ramdrive for Windows 2k and beyond, here is a good sample driver with source from MS itself:

A ramdrive for DOS wouldn't probably be too long as in lines of code, or even too hard if you have a good DOS documentation.

For Windows 95/98/ME... well, try and see if MS's drive above works.
Is this something like virtual memory?
If that is the case,would it be persistent?
ico2Author Commented:
i need this to work in ms-dos mostly but it would be useful to get it to work in win98 as well.
how do i use ramdrive.sys?

ankuratvb: it is the opposite of virtual memory.
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