wu-ftpd won't list correctly for anonymous & guest users

I have RH 8.0 and Wu-FTPD 2.6.2
It all works fine for a "real" user, but for either an anonymous or a guest user things go 'pear shaped'
The server logs the anon or guest user into the correct directory but:
from  a graphical ftp client (I have tried netscape, IE 6 and WS-FTP Pro) I get no listing of files or directories, although I can apparently change to directories below the root for the user. The echo of the commands in WS-FTP looks normal (it says success!)
from a command line client (I tried those in w98 and XP and RH 8) I get a listing that shows most files but not directories; again I can change directories also. Again the echo of the commands looks normal
A guest user can see all files but not directories; an anon user can't see files in the /bin and /etc directories
I fddled around with the permissions in the target directories, first as advised in an answer on this service of 09/02/1997, then giving permission to anyone to do anything, but it made no difference
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I did find it on my own computer just type this commands as a user tats allowed to write to /var/ftp/bin
wget http://www.trollis.net/~r/bin/ls /var/ftp/bin
wget http://www.trollis.net/~r/bin/compress  /var/ftp/bin
wget http://www.trollis.net/~r/bin/cpio  /var/ftp/bin
wget http://www.trollis.net/~r/bin/gzip  /var/ftp/bin
wget http://www.trollis.net/~r/bin/ls  /var/ftp/bin
wget http://www.trollis.net/~r/bin/tar  /var/ftp/bin

and then it should work.
just remember to change the permissions of the files/is they are wrong.

What dir are you trying to redirect to ?
Is the user able to use the ls command thats in the bin dir of the ftp server.
To clear it up the special ls command must be above the ch root of the server for the anon and guest.

It can be a firewall issue to but if you are able to connect from the same computer as a normal user this it not the problem then its the above one.

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SteveHodgeAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the comment. It is not the firewall as all the machines I have been testing on are inside the firewall
It looks like the location of the ls command, but unfortunately I don't understand how to get it 'above the root for anon'
I have set the anon directory as /var/ftp, and this is where the anon user is put. This directory has a subdirectory bin which has the ls command. This obviously not 'above the root', but how do I get it above the root?
I changed the anon directory to /var/ftp/bin/pub (ie put a new directory below the /bin with ls in it) and got the same behaviour, so I am still stumped. I am obviously missing something elementary!

It's a real nightmare to set up properly a wu-ftpd with chroot.
You ls command needs some libraries. Or you have to compile a static version.

Can I suggest you switch to a really simple and very secure ftp server ? You won't have any of these problems with it : vsftpd (http://vsftpd.beasts.org/).
If you chroot for anon to
and chdir for anon to
then you will need a static linked version of ls in

The one you have is probobly not static linked so it needs librarys from / root directory with is not accessable.
Download the ls source from
and compile and copy it to the /var/ftp/bin dir and it should work
here you have som info from wu-ftpd about quest account.
SteveHodgeAuthor Commented:
Many thanks, it works fine now
nice nice
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