New TAs?! More confusing! How about this?

The reason the page was dead on Friday was that EE's JPS code got confused by a topic name containing a slash.  It thought Applications >> Email >> Lotus Notes/Domino, having a slash in the name, should link to a URL of /Applications/Email/Lotus_Notes/Domino, but when that URL was received, it interpreted it to mean, "there is a main topic of Applications, containing a subtopic of email, containing a further subtopic of Lotus Notes, which contains a final topic of Domino.  The last two were not true, the "further" subtopic SHOUDL HAVE BEEN the "final" one named "Lotus Notes/Domino."  Apparently, the crack (CRAK?) EE team reprogrammed the URL generator so slashes area treated teh same as spaces, and gen a RUL with an underscore, and the TA of Lotus_Notes_Domino is recignized prperly.

And of course, there is also a new TA of "Web Development >> Lotus Domino Admin."  That makes very little sense, admin if anything belongs closer to Email or App Servers than Web Develoment. In fact, "Ap Servers >> Lotus Notes/Domino" is an alias for this TA of "Applications >> Email >> Lotus Notes/Domino."

I've actually proposed a more logical arrangement, I think, that accounts for navagability, topic groupings, hierarchy levels, and content activity.  See http:Q_20958332.html (  The basic idea?

- Use aliases in the Web Dev, Web Servers, App Servers, and Email topics.
- Place a Lotus TA in the Applications main TA
- Lotus TA contains SmartSuite and Notes-Domino
- Notes-Domino TA is organized by Admin, Dev, and User questions

Please respond there with your thoughts!
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so, this points will be allocated for me Qwaletee?

It wasn't me qwaletee!  ;-))
qwaleteeAuthor Commented:
Madheeswar, no thoughts, no points!
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qwaleteeAuthor Commented:

The new setup is only a little like what I suggested.  What do you think I should do wih this question?
Delete / refund I'd say.... and I can do that for you!
Do all participants agree?

I do feel that we should take your question in the Domino Admin TA regarding TA structures some place.
No real use to PAQ it (rather delete it), but we should come to a conclusion I think, before we take it to the admins....
Please see it you can take it off my back as it's listed "abandoned".
Frankly speaking, I like to have all the Notes issues(Admin/Client/Web) in one TA. IT makes easy to browse in single place.Now it became difficult to open another browser and look for admin questoins.

I did not liked the idea of separating Lotus Notes into 2 TA's.

If possible place a new TA with all Lotus Notes related questoins at onhe place.

And coming to this thread, you can refund or delete this question. I don't have any objection.


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For the record: please drop that remark in qwaletee's in

Qwaletee, do you agree with deletion?
qwaleteeAuthor Commented:
No, I'll accept an answer here.
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