can't connect to remote vpn through my own linksys router LAN

I need to connect to from my home office to work via a vpn. I have been given a xp laptop to perform that function. I tested it's settings at a friend's house and I could connect no troubles.

However back at home behind my linksys router (BEFSR11) it did not work.
I logged in as admin and there were no ports open under the advanced tab for the tunnelling to occur.

I opened 47, 50, 500, 1723 [Both - UPD & TCP] and pointed them at the IP address of the laptop from work. It still did not work.

I then did a port scan and found that only my ftp and http ports were open??

If you know of any doco/url for this sort of connection problem [installation of a vpn] I'd appreciate it.

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1. Verify that you have enabled "PPTP Passthrough" or "L2TP Passthrough" on the BEFSR11 (Filters tab).
2. You might get better results by putting your laptop into the router's DMZ and enabling the Windows XP firewall (ICF), which includes UPnP.
agimoAuthor Commented:
Despite all the advice I read off the web, I did not believe that updating the firmware would fix the problem... but it did.

Thanks sftweng for your answer.
I appreciate your attempt :-)

I agree with the recommendation.
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