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Error with Citrix Management Console

Posted on 2004-04-18
Last Modified: 2013-12-03
Hi there i have resently had to rebuild a Domain controller for a retail store. They have 3 servers the DC that is the file and print server running exchange, a Apps server running thier apps (accounting software, office, etc) and a SQL server to run thier accounting software database). They are all running windows 2000 server. When i rebuilt the server i removed the citrix server from the domain then reattached it to the domain once it was rebuilt not when i try to logon to the citrix management console i get an error saying

"You do not have permission to logon to the Citrix Management Console"

I'm logged in as administrator at the time, and the passwords are all the same as they where before the reload. Citrix is working fine with no problems on the site at all i just can't log into the management console because of that, has anyone got any suggestions?

Thanks in advance
Question by:btsol
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Expert Comment

ID: 10859591
This looks like a authentication problem within the citrix management console. try to change the integrated windows logon to a specific user account. the management console is probably thing to connect with the old domain accounts. Maybee you must logon to the console with the designsted citrix admin. then try to put your account to the citrix admins again. because the SIDs changed since you where rebuilding your domain.

Expert Comment

ID: 11569980
The problem is that you must assign the local administrator access to the MMC.  Here is what you have to do.  Login into MMC from another server or from the same server with an account that has full access.  Then on the left pane you will see an item called Administrators.  Simply add the accounts you want and assign any permissions that you desire.

I hope this helps.

Accepted Solution

thewordthe earned 500 total points
ID: 12086171
I have same problem exactly.

The Citrix Management Console (MMC?) can be navigated to from the PDC via My Network Places (the path in my case is \\NameOfCitrixServer\ProgramFiles\Citrix\Administrator.

Do I need to install Citrix on the PDC, as when I try to open the Management Console via the
PDC I get an error.

This is becoming a large problem, I deperately need to get into the Citrix Management Console to change network printer settings, and in anticipation of an upgrade to our Citrix Server.

Cheers geezers
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Expert Comment

ID: 12093446
Have you tried logging in as the local administrator?  The local administrator should have access. No you do not have to have Citrix on a domain controller.  How many Citrix servers do you have in the farm?  

Expert Comment

ID: 12102431
Yep. Ta for comment re PDC. 1 server on the farm. I must admit to being amazed when I couldn't sign on to the Citrix Management Console  (CMC) as the local administrator i.e. not signing into the domain, but the Citrix Server itself. There is no way the password or username have been changed. The Domain name is the same as before, and the Citrix Server has not been re-named either. It reports to a new PDC that's all.

The CITRIX server runs Win 2000 Server. The old PDC ran NT4 Server. The new PDC runs Win2003 Server. As soon as the new Server took over as PDC, i was unable to get into CMC as the administrator. The error is something to do with a conflict in domains pre and post upgrade. I am fairly certain of that, trouble is I dunno where to go next... Clearly it is a permissions issue which is why I was trying to sign into the CMC from the new Win 2003 Server PDC.

Any suggestions appreciated...geezers


Expert Comment

ID: 12216554
I have the answer to this, at least on our network it fixed the permissions problem.
We upgraded the PDC from Win NT4 Server to Win 2003 Server. As soon as we did this I could no longer access the CMC on the separate Citrix Server.

Regardless of whether I logged into the Citrix Server as the administrator locally or as the domain administrator, the CMC kept giving the permissions error referred to at the start of this thread..


has a utility in it called Slim Jim which removed the administrator passwords from the CMC
It will download to floppy for extracting
When running the utility you must navigate to the DSN that runs the Citrix database, that was the only trick bit.

The Utility will allow you to open the CMC and you can add a new administrator and password.

Frankie(the wordthe)


Expert Comment

ID: 12316857
How annoying, given that I posted the exact answer, as proven by the fact I had the exact same problem and this resolved it...I think I deserve some points!

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