Unable to install mysql ont a windows xp professional based pc

Unable to install Mysql onto a windows xp professional based pc.The following error occurs when trying to run setup.exe

16 bit windows subsytem
A temporary file needed for initialization cold not be created or could not be written to.Make sure that the directory path exists and disk space is available.Choose 'Close' to terminate the application.

Please help.
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madwaxConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Let's try another one, this is not the way it is supposed to be done but it worked for me last time when I got another error. Install Mysql on another temporary machine. Copy the C:\mysql directory to your intended target machine and run winmysqladmin.exe. Remove mysql from the temporary machine.

If above doesn't work:
Do you run ntfs on the disk? Does the system have write and excute permissions on the drive? Have you tried installing on another partition or directory (try c:\mysql)?

What version of MySQL are you trying to install?
And just to make sure, you have checked the errors that you have got? (path and disk space)


otherwise, I saw a similar error on 16bit suberrors on this forum a couple :
satishmadhuAuthor Commented:
I downloaded MySQL zip-file mysql-4.0.13-win (18M). I unzipped the file, and
when I try to run setup it doesn't get started properly. Task Manager reports
about processes wowexec.exe and setup.exe but they don't have any information
for Mem Usage, VM Size etc.

satishmadhuAuthor Commented:
HI jan,

I have made sure that the path and disk space are ok.So guess thats not the problem.

satishmadhuAuthor Commented:
HI jan,

Actually I tried two things.One is u way which is pretty simple and also i tried a non installer version of the file and it runs perfect on my system now.
Thanks for ur help.

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