Text-to Speech and Speech recognition

I intended to develop a intranet system that enables user to learn german language. User can type in the word, then system can pronouce the word they typed. Besides, user can practice the pronunciation and system will score it. As i'm new to java, any solution for text-to-speech and speech recognition functions? I have tried to find TTS system for German language and JSAPI, but can't find a solid solution or illustration how should the TTS system and JSAPI can be implemented in intranet?

Thanks to anyone who can provide me the solution! Your help is much appreciated.
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mmuruganandamConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Have a look at


Think of a client server architecture.  Your server will have the speech engine and your clients will receive the audio stream.

You can think of Socket / RMI implementation for this.

eicheledConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You might want to look into TTS product providers such as Nuance and Speechworks.
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