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I want t o make an elearning animation, How easy in flash is it to do the  following:

load a graphics file, gradually make the graphic appear in discrete chunks, play an audio desription related to each chunk of the picture and show different textual description below the graphic.

If i already have the graphic and discrete audio clips - how long will it take to do?
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in response to your question, its very easy.

if you know what you're doing, you could do it in 30mins.

blu :-)
tricanAuthor Commented:
really? fantastic

So i should be able to do the first one in a few hours and then any after that in about 30 minutes?

What would be the main steps?

Or do you know of any suitable online tutorial?

thanks for the help
tricanAuthor Commented:
Also would macromedia authorware be better to do what i'm trying to do?
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 You dont have any such ready made elearning animations on the net. The time frame rather depends on your expertise level. My estimate is it should easily take 4-5 hrs to make a quality one. Tell me what you are exactly looking at.

tricanAuthor Commented:
I want very simple animations to re-enforce teaching material.

Effectively I want to show between 4- 10 snapshots of a concept as it evolves from its start point to end point.

At each snap shot i want an audio description (i'm guessing this should be as straight forward as inserting a wav or mp3 file) on the time line.

Also proably some associated text.

These inital animations wouldn't require any user interactivity, other than perhaps minimal "click to advance" type operation.
tricanAuthor Commented:
I was considering just using Swish, though i'm not sure whether i can do it with that. I'd prefer to only have one graphic and show increasing portions of it as the timeline progesses

 This is very simple and would not take more than 1 hour if it involves only timeline and no ineraction.

tricanAuthor Commented:
Simplest case it doesnt involve interaction

What are the exact steps?
when you say you want the graphic to appear in discrete chunks, what do you mean exactly?

tricanAuthor Commented:
one graphic and show increasing portions of it as the timeline progesses

or if absolutely needs be i guess i could slice the main graphic up into small graphics - but this is extra work i want to avoid

   Just look up Tweening tutes and understand how to use the timeline and embedding audio..
Tutes/information for all of them should be available if you press F1, or look under the menus for Lessons/Tutorials.. I'd suggest you play with it a bit before you hit your project per se..

here's the low down sneaking quick and easy way.

you'll create a movieclip using different graphics and tweening alphas' to reveal your graphic, you'll set a function call in the timeline accordingly to load a specific audio into your sound object(which you'll create) and you'll assign text to a text field, or using loadVars, load text.

that the low down and dirty.

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tricanAuthor Commented:
so individual graphics and tweening is the way to go?

I couldnt do something simple like putting different sized rectangular objects on top (layered) of the graphic (just one) - and remove each layer to slowly reveal the entire graphic?
tricanAuthor Commented:
really appreicate the help guys, so i'm going to increase the points to 400 ( i want to work on this tonight and get it finished)
tricanAuthor Commented:
thanks for the help guys

I'll now award points.

Btw would "Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Hands-On Training" by Rosanna Yeung be a good book to buy in order to improve my knowledge?
Never heard of the book mate..

my fave book, btw - object oriented programming with action script. newriders.
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