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I am using Red Hat Linux 8.0. In my office every PC is running windows 98/2000 and the server(domain) is running windows 2000 server. I want to share files on my linux system with the windows PC's. I cannot logon to the windows domain but my linux system is receiving IP from the domain. Please help.....
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gbusardoConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You should use Samba - which is included with Red Hat Linux 8.0

To get you started:

1) Edit smb.conf in (most likely) your /etc/samba/ directory.
2) Near the top of the smb.conf file, there is a declaration for your workgroup name.
3) On the bottom of the smb.conf file, there are some sample shares.
4) Once at least one share is activated, you can start samba by typing (as root) service smb start
5) Once samba is started, you can browse the network neighborhood and you will most likely see your shares.

For an in-detail reference on Samba, check out
Despite the different distribution, you should find that reference useful.

Let me know if you need more help.

- Gerry
Do also fill in the wins-settings in smb.conf: enable samba as a wins-client & give it the ip of the wins-server, this should resolve problems with shares on other subnets.
HI Abbas !!!

              For the file sharing on diff. platform with Linux u have to use SAMBA. For the Samba configuration u have to make few changes ....these changes r as follows :-

               1. edit .conf file
                    a. Change workgroup = "u'r_workgpname".
                    b. remove comment from host allow (i.e. allow hosts which u want example 192.168.0. 245 (just leave a space in bet'wn your m/c no. in this case before 245.
                    c. goto [home] & uncomment total [tmp] this is your name which will display on the screen when u start network nebourhood & in additional give the permission say:-    browseable=yes & read only=yes

             2. Normally create the samba user by using
                   #smbpasswd -q "username"
                      Linux will ask u for the password give it.
             3. Start the SAMBA Service...
               To see what is shared by your m/c just give command:
                    #smbclient -L localhost

               4. INTO GUI just press ' Alt+F2 ' & type 'Nautilus'
 will open the browser
                  Here u have to type simply :-
                 will show u what u shared by u'r m/c as well as other too..

                Try it ...
abbas1982Author Commented:
ThankYou Gerry and all of you for helping.
I'll be very happy if you also tell me how to make the Red Hat Linux 8.0 a domain and Client PC's running Windows 98/2000 log on to it with user name and password. Also if you can tell me some Linux to Windows and Windows to Linux networking web sites which can tell me what ADS is used in Linux or equivalent.

Thanks Again.......
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