PHP, MySQL Apache Server on windows XP?

Posted on 2004-04-19
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2006-11-17

I was curious. Can I install PHP, MySQL and Apache Server on windows XP Professional? Is it 100% compatible? or is it stable when i try to develop a system that required database?

Question by:hernaezia
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Expert Comment

ID: 10859657
I am not sure about the compatability of it, but I do know that you can only have 10 concurrent connections maximum to the XP machine.  If you intend on having much more than that, then I suggest downloading and installing Linux (which is campatable with those programs)

Accepted Solution

ZakDaddy earned 80 total points
ID: 10860385
PHP - compatible with XP no problem.  There are a few things you need to do to make it play nice with local IIS (like granting the IIS Anonymous user account access to the php.exe file), though that would be irrelevant if you intend to just run apache.  Check out the installation instruction, version downloads, and FAQ at http://www.php.net.

MySQL - Also compatible with XP no problem.  As a matter of fact, there's a great feature article in .Net magazine this month about using MySQL on windows.  

Apache - Also compatible with XP.  Check out the Windows release notes for apache 2.0 at http://httpd.apache.org/docs-2.0/platform/windows.html.  

As far as stability, yes if properly configured this system on windows would be just as stable as any IIS/MSSQL environment you build.  However, as far as being able to find easy p-2-p support and documentation, I'd seriously considering installing it all on a Linux 8-9 system as well...

HTH, ZakDaddy

Expert Comment

ID: 10860606
I have successfully ran Apache along with mySQL server on windows 9x, and I would have to assume that XP should hve no problem handling it.

The mySQL server did slow my computer down a bit, I would guess XP can handle the load better, but you should be prepared to sacrifice some performance if you do that.

I beleive you can get a copy of PHP for windows at: http://www.php.net/get/php-4.3.6-installer.exe/from/a/mirror  - This was the link of their website to the windows binary installer, should be pretty easy to use.

Regarding ZakDaddy's comment, I'd use apache instead of IIS if you have the option, it works well with PHP and mySQL, and I find it easier to use than IIS.
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Expert Comment

ID: 10860762
Right on emblue.  If you want server-side work with IIS, learn vbscript/ASP.  It's similar enough and they play together well.  If you want PHP, Apache is the way to go (and vice versa).

I work with both combinations (the apache/php/mysql is all linux, the iis/asp/sql is all windows), and had an easier time learning php for the linux environment.  The code is also usually more succinct - less variables to declare and define so explicitly.

Expert Comment

ID: 10860914

    You can install PHP,MySql,Apache Server on Windows XP but Iam not sure that they are 100% compatible because they are basically Linux Products and then they are developed for windows.So if you are in a Development Environment and want to use PHP,MySql,Apache then the best choice will be Linux Platform.If you are concerned with the Windows Platform you can use Oracle with Visual Studio with IIS.
    So the softwares will be compatible but the deployment of the product you are develpoing wont be so good.


Expert Comment

ID: 10862705
I'd have to agree, if you are developing software for others, use PHP on a linux environment, or ASP/VB for windows.

However, if you are using it mainly for yourself, or for serving webpages for example, using apache and php on windows should be just fine.  I doubt you will run into any "compatibility" problems when running the servers, though as I said they may slow you down a bit.  As long as you download the stable versions of each of the components (Apache, PHP and mySQL server) they should run just fine under windows.

I personally like the windows environment better than linux because I find that linux programs often require a lot of work to install, you ususally have to go through text files and configure settings and variables, whereas on windows its usually a couple clicks and you are ready to go.  Linux provides nice customizablity which is good for complex uses, but for everyday use I'd say point and click is better.


Expert Comment

ID: 10864558
If you want to install these packages there is a site that has a full install that works great.
http://www.firepages.com.au/  I have installed and run this complete package. We run this system on laptops for development

Author Comment

ID: 10865541
hi u guyss...

thanks for the answers..evry answers is worthwhile..nice job..to randyO thanks for the website its really great..

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