Thousands of .msg files to convert to .pst file.....quickly!

I have been given the task of creating .pst files from about 300,000 .msg files.

I have directories of about 20,000 .msg files per which I want to make in to a .pst file. (total number of msg files to convert is about 300,000 15 directories roughly)

Yes i know I can create a .pst file in outlook and drag and drop but i have the following problmes :-

- 20,000 files in one go outlook falls over when doing over 1,000 files at a time (outlok 2000)
- some .msg file are 'recall message' pop-ups that canot import back to outlook (I don't want them either!)
- I need a bulk quick way of converting them ASAP

Hope you can help me.
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kar10sConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I used MSG to PST Converter 1.0.8 for that purpose with good results.
It can be find on


have a look at this

Hope this helps

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