Disk Cloning Using Norton Ghost

Hi guys,

I cloned my hard drive to another hard drive using Norton Ghost 2003. then i installed the second har drive to another computer.
My goal is to have the same installation on both computers.

I did not use a ghost boot disk, because when i tried to start from floopy, i had the NTLDR missing error.
so i used the GUI og ghost, and then it restarted and cloned the hard drive.

after the cloning finished, i installed the second HDD to other computer.
when starting the computer, it detects the Windows installation and starts loading.

But when it comes to prepare the network connection stage and  after Applying computer settings stage it takes a while to pass those stages.

when i reach the Log On to Windows screen, i enter username and password. These are the same as the cloned computer's.
Also the computer name and Domain information are the same.

My problem comes after that. I never showes me the Windows desktop after that.
All i see is a blue screen.

Can anyone help me on this issue??

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Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
I have never done this myself, but this may prove useful to you..

Ghosting Across a Network

Is the hardware the same?
Also did you run sysprep or ghostwalker? If you are logging into a domain it could be a simple problem of having the computer with the same netbios name try changing the name and adding the new name to the domain You might have to login to safe mode to change the name
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If the hardware is not the same, you need to do a repair install from the cd.  The motherboard and video card are the critical pieces, because the IDE driver is needed to access the hard drive and the video driver is needed to display with the right resolution.
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
This is caused by different IDE controllers..   Before you attempted your Ghost Image, you should have changed the controller drivers to reflect the standard default Windows Controller drivers...

Here is the correct way to go about this..:

Open up your Device Manager...  In the Device Manager window, find the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers line and expand it. You'll see something like Intel 82371AB/ED PCI Bus Master IDE Controller (note that yours may have a different manufacturer - it's the first one in the list). Right click on the controller and click Update Driver.
The Welcome to the Hardware Update Wizard page appears. Click on the Install from a list or specific location (Advanced) option and click Next.
On the Please choose your search and installation options page, select the Don't search. I will choose the driver to install option and click Next.
On the Select the device driver you want to install for this hardware page, click on the Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller entry and click Next.
You will be asked for your Windows disk. Put your CD into the drive and point the Wizard to the right location. Or, if you have the installation files on your hard disk, point the Wizard to the location on your hard disk where the installation files are located. Click Finish when the wizard completes the installation of the new drive.
You'll be asked if you want to restart the computer. Click No and shut down the machine. Proceed with your Imaging..

Note.. you will need to reinstall the correct drivers from the Motherboard cdrom...
cakirfatihAuthor Commented:
I did not run sysprep. I am not trying to log on to a domain now, just to local computer using admin account.

i have the same hardware actually, mainboard, VGA and PCI IDE controller are  the same.
there is one thing different though, i have a ZIP drive in the second computer.

Fatal Exception,

i cannot boot the computer from a Ghost boot disk, do you have to use a boot disk for the proccess you mentioned.

Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
Well, since you are using the exact same boards, then the IDE controllers should be the same too, which throws my theory out the window..  The ZIP should have no effect on this..

What is the error on the BSOD..??  You may have to enter the Recovery Console and run the fixboot/fixmbr commands...

What can I do with the Windows 2000 Recovery Console?


What are the Recovery Console commands?

cakirfatihAuthor Commented:
Would it be a problem If a clone a HDD without running sysprep, and use both computers in a domain?

if the answer is yes, how can i change the ID of the computer which has the cloned HDD
Well you can change the computer name and that will assign it a new computer sid, however it will still have the same workstation sid (or the other way around). Best thing to do would be to run sysprep on it the next time. For this time you should be able to remove it from the domain, change the name, and add it back into the domain.
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
Agree...  that is what Sysprep is meant to do, and the reason for its use..  To be able to clone a system and allow it to join the same domain...  Was not aware that you were trying to use it in a Domain environment, or I would have mentioned it earlier...

Additional Sysprep Info and Links:

Running Sysprep

Sysprep Components

Description of New Features in Sysprep for Windows XP

How to Add OEM Plug and Play Drivers to Windows XP

HOW TO: Use Sysprep.exe Tool to Automate Successful Deployment of Windows XP
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
BTW:  sorry for all the XP references, but that is what I have been dealing with this past year..  :)
cakirfatihAuthor Commented:
I have a question about  copying the image to a local network drive.
The computer that i am working on does not have a cd-writer , so i need to copy the image to my server.

i have created a network drive in that computer, but i do not see it when i boot to Ghost.

do you guys haveany idea about that?

cakirfatihAuthor Commented:
thanks a lot for your help
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
You are welcome..  and thank you..

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