Last/best option to fix Win 98SE boot up errors loop

Hello There,
Windows 98SE system was re-boot it to correct a suspected communication problem with receiving faxes.
The system froze up in the windows logging off banner, I force shut down by turning power swith off. During boot up it run scandisk and displayed Registy problem found and proceeded to repair and requested to re-boot. Scandisk run again and displayed: Directory entry had an incorrect size.
Scandisk succesfully corrected the directory entry (this error was repetitive with diferent entries).
Then displayed : files found crosslinked (several), I decided not to convert and cancelled the operation because of the amount of errors found. I re-started the system and it loops continously with scandisk and repairing the registry and requesting to restart. (It does not start windows anymore).
I am able to activate the boot up menu screen (f8) and boot to command prompt and display the contents of drive c:. I am about to re-install windows 98SE or to upgrade to windows 2000 professional but I would like to find out from the experts if that would be the last/best option.

Thank you in advanced for the assistance.

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1. Run Scandisk from the DOS prompt.

2. Repair or restore your registry:

A registry repair:

Bootup with a startup floppy disk and at the A:\> prompt type

scanreg /fix (space between g and /)

Press enter, wait for the process to finish and reboot WITHOUT the disk.

If that doesn't work, try a registry restore:

Bootup with a startup floppy disk and at the A:\> prompt type

scanreg /restore (space between g and /)

Press enter, select a date PRIOR to the problem, press enter, wait for the process to finish and reboot WITHOUT the disk.

If you don’t have a startup disk, download one from

Hope this helps.

Good luck.

catsys1Author Commented:
Hello again,

I have tried before all your suggestions, Thanks. But, After registry restore (succesful) it requests to restart. And comes back with the same automatic scandisk /restore operation. (here is where it gets cut in the loop).
I've tried manual scanreg /restore, /fix, and while running  DOS scandisk; it finds all the errors displayed in the above question.

Any other suggestions?



It finds the errors...

Doesn't it try to fix them?

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catsys1Author Commented:
Hello experts out there,

Let me give you the bottom line and let's consider the above description of the problem ground level history;
Whe win98SE restarts the DOS blue screen comes up : Microsoft registry checker.............. Backing up system files, then restoring system files.

When completed: You have restored a good registry. Windows found an error in your system files and restored a recent backup of the system files to fix the problem. RESTART.
I've tried manual registry restore and picked 2 of the 5 dated choices, and still wants to repeat the process when restarts and so on, and on and ..................on.
Should I just try OS re-load or is it better to upgarde to Win 2000 Pro to clear all possible win98SE errors with the system files?

catsys1Author Commented:
yes, it tries to fix them, then it suggest to convert crosslinked files but I am afraid this will cause a problem in case is a hardware issue. As I explain above, scandisk succesufuly corrected the directory entries.

Thanks Zee.

If you don't want to let Scandisk fix, you will have no option but to reinstall Win98 or upgrade.

If scandisk found the errors, they are there, hardware issue or not.

I would suggest fix ALL errors and see.

catsys1Author Commented:
Thank you Zee.

I am going to wait for other suggestions, in the meantime I'll transfer all data to another device for safe keeping, by experience I have seen scandisk rename directories and files while fixing errors.



Agree 100% with the data backup.

i found a smiliar article reffering to a loop problem   "it refers to defective ram"
ram that access registery and corrupts it as it  gos. could be a ram
issue as this mentions , please read the artive and consider their memory tool.

also reading other articles relate to a registery loop casued by startup and
autoexec operations  that would cuase the same kind of loops it mention
norton , scanner , firewalls , winamp , programs that you can consider
disable them.  msconfig

another tip

thats all i could find for now

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catsys1Author Commented:
I will try the memory option, I'll keep you posted.

Thanks Magus123
catsys1Author Commented:
Hello fellows out there,

Thank you for the assistance.
Magus123 has provided me with the right solution, it was the RAM memory, after replacing memory windows boot up was without errors and all my network connections were intact and functional.
 Now I am left with the dilema of finding out about the "chk" files and renamed "directories" that windows scandisk created.

Thank you magus123.

Regards to you all.


glad i could help .
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