Windows 2k Startup Program Management

I have a large number of exe/apps loading at Start-Up. I have already dowloaded the default list from from Microsoft and know which ones I can't end etc. But any help/steer would be appreciated as you which I can end.
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aCCeSSgRanteDConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I know with windows XP theres a utility called MSCONFIG which is run at Start--Run and A system utility comes up and which you can click on the startup TAB which ends alot of exe/apps..

With Win2k that feature is not included.. But there is a version you can download and install on your machine which gives you that feature...

Just follow the instructions..

and if you need help.. ending some of those apps at startup..

post whats running after you DL that utility and I'll help you further

Mike Lin's Start UP Control Panel


I prefer Mike Lin's
 it allows for more control and the addition of custom items of your own !

have fun
thanks =0)
tyrrell1Author Commented:
Thank you very much. New at this and its much appreciated.
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