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Windows Hooks: Hooking a closing app

Hi all,
I've been working on this solution for quite some time. Im trying to display a message everytime an app closes. So far i have been able to code a program that displays a message every time an app closes using Win32 API's CBTProc Callback function


      if(code == HCBT_DESTROYWND){
      return CallNextHookEx(... , .., .. , ..);

a was able to display a message "Closed!!" every time media player closed but it's a problem for winword.exe .. iexplore.exe and some of the program files items on the desktop.. when i execute these "Closed!!" appears before the window is exited by the user. Would anyone know how to properly hook applications using SetWindowsHookEx() API ?
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moduloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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Do you mean to say that without the user performing any action to close the window the hook gets the close event ?

I don't suppose so.Just checking.
I assume that the event is received just before the window is not visible anymore in case of IE,MS Word etc.....right?

Will WH_GETMESSAGE work for you instead of WH_CBT ? But yes you will get all the windows messages. You have
to apply a filter for WM_CLOSE i think.

Just thinking aloud..........the problem you are facing could be because the event is posted before the windows is actually
made invisible by the applications in question........again.....not sure...

ogoyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for replying. I was hoping email notifications for this forum would alert me for any posts but it didn't.. i tried CallWndProc, GetMsgProc.. and the rest of the win32 api for SetWindowsHookEx(..) but the "Closed!" message still appeared even when im not closing it..

Anyway i found a solution that required me to do a SetWindowLong(..) that opens a window handle to the activated window.. this allowed me to trap closing windows events properly.. the site i got the idea from was

Good for you.
Yeah I have also experience a long delay in the mail notification.But I generally get it some day :-)

All the best for your project
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