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Greetings to all the Experts,

I am administering SQL 2000 and exchange 2000 environment.
The past weekend I had a system crash, and I had to restore all data from the back, which all went ok (Thank God).

The exchange data had corruption and that includes the public folders even though we are not using them. As a result I didn’t have a backup for it, and there for I didn’t restore it.
So I had to leave dismounted until now, but now users are seeing message when they open their mailboxes, and click on folders. The message is saying that “the service is no longer available” then they can click ok and the message goes away.
This message is about the public folders, so now I have to do something to get them to mount.
I tried every command line from Microsoft Web Site, which was saying “Successfully” at the end of each one of them but it still won’t mount, and then I went a head and deleted the pub1.stm and pub1.edb, and when I tried to mount the public store it created new once, then I went to public folders in the exchange system manager, right clicked on public folders, then connect to, then I selected my server.
Now when I right click on public folders and click view system folders it gives the following message from Exchange System Manager:
The http service user by public folders is not available, possible causes are that public store are not mounted and the information store is not running.

ID no: c1030af3
Exchange System Manager

The problem is that the users are still seeing the same message “Server No Longer Available” of course because the public is still does not exist in the mailbox, in the folders area.

Any ideas any suggestions are highly appreciated.

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Computer101Connect With a Mentor Commented:
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E-E Admin
Your error code recommends that you use "IISRESET/restart":;en-us;202013
Which makes sense since you are seing the HTTP Service Error

mjalmassudAuthor Commented:
I am running a cluster and I had to go to the cluster administrator, then took the http virtual server offline, then back online.
I am still having the same problem.

thank you for the nice comment ans-ansdenver.
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

Watch this video to see how easy it is to make mass changes to Active Directory from an external text file without using complicated scripts.

If you have a public store, then you need to recreate a MAPI public hierarchy. Right click the public store and select create public folder hierarchy. Chances are that this will not succeed, then on the referenced articles there are some directions on where in the configuration partition of AD you can find settings for this.

Outlook Problem is probably with the System public folders not being present (OAB, Outlook 10 security settings and Schedule free/busy).

Check out these articles on public folders, not sure if they will help.

PS. I would try to get the 'empty' store recovered from tape if possible.
mjalmassudAuthor Commented:
ikm7176, thank you for the nice comment.
 it has the same question that I had, but they didn't post an answer yet.

I'll check on it again some other time.

thanks again
mjalmassudAuthor Commented:
Hi all,

first of all I wanna thank you all for trying to help me in the public folder issue.
I've got it to work, and I would like post the fix here so if somebody else goes through the same problem the will find the answer here.

after I had the public folder to mount but not apear in the OWA, where is shows the service is no longer avaiable, I went a head and dimount the data base, and I ran the eseutil on it once with the /g switch, and then with the /r switch.
after that I mounted the data base then it apeared in the OWA.

how can I close this question?


Post a zero point question in the moderator topic area and ask for a refund.

Look in the Help for Experts Exchange for more info on  this.
mjalmassudAuthor Commented:


sorry guys
please post the solution on the above listed link. it always good to share your knowledge... :)

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