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webpage search on Google but no contain display!

Hi guys,

    My webpage is www.chnoumis.com. When I do a search with google by entering "chnoumis", I am able to get my webpage searched but no description, unlike others, which have a lot of description. What I got is like below:

Similar pages

other webpages have a lot of description like below

Egyptian gods: Khnum, Chnum, Chnoumis, Khnemu, Khenmu, Khem, Kemu
Khnum, in Egyptian also Khnemu, Khem. Chnoumis in Greek. Khnum was
the old god of creation and came from the island of Elefantine at ...
www.nemo.nu/ibisportal/0egyptintro/ 1egypt/gudasidor/khnum.htm - 2k - Cached - Similar pages

Pls help.....thanks !
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1 Solution
I had a look @ chnoumis.com, and you have included the description meta tag. I would guess that google has "half-indexed" your page. This means that it has indexed your page based on someone submitting the URL (or googlebot spidering a link to your URL) but it hasn't actually been to your site to see whats there yet.

By the way, did you search google for chnoumis? or chnoumis.com?


p.s: I'll find the google doc's that explain half indexed links
Heres the link:


The 'blurb' that Google shows after a search shows the context of the search terms where they were found in the document body.

Basically, it shows people what the words around their search terms are, so they can judge how useful the page is. I haven't looked very deep into your site, but I can't see the word 'chnoumis' anywhere in the main body, therefore Google has no way to show people the surrounding words.
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"The 'blurb' that Google shows after a search shows the context of the search terms where they were found in the document body."

Actually, it returns the description tag first if the search term was found in it, e.g: if you search for IBM you'll see a link:

IBM United States
The IBM corporate home page, entry point to information about IBM products and services. IBM, Skip to main contentUnited States, Home ...

If you go to the page and view source you'll see the description:

<meta name="Description" content="The IBM corporate home page, entry point to information about IBM products and services"/>

chnoupissAuthor Commented:
Hi guys,

   Really thanks a lot for your information.  

   eeBlueShadow, u mean there isn't any chnoumis word within my <body> tag? so I need to put in ? but there is a chnoumis word at the bottom of each page.

   HaydnH, so when google will do full index for my page?

    pls help guys !
"so when google will do full index for my page?"

It all depends, it could be today, it could be in 8 weeks time. It takes googlebot quite a while to spider the whole web - if you're lucky googlebot will get to your site quickly, if you're not it just passed your site when you posted it on the web and you'll have to wait until the next run.

"u mean there isn't any chnoumis word within my <body> tag?"

1 of the ways google decides rank is how it views the importance of your keywords. So if the word chnoumis appears 10 times in 200 words in the body of a page and it also appears in the description tag it would think that obviously the word "chnoumis" is important to your site. It is wise to note that there is a balance to the number of times a word should appear in relation to the others - i.e if your page just has 1 word repeated over and over your rankings for that word would probably be penalised. Howver, since chnoumis isn't a word that's regularly used you shouldn't have too many problems.

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