Ping probems...

I have a machine named MACHINE_A

I go to another machine....MACHINE_B (this is any machine on the network nothing specific).....

I ping (ping

I get a reply.....GREAT!!!!

I ping (ping MACHINE_A)

I get Request Timed Out....

I go to the WINS and DNS servers.  Specifically added static mappings for MACHINE_A no go.

What's going on.
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Sounds like you need to Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP:
  From control panel..
  Right-click your Local Area Connection and click Properties
  Scroll down in "This connection uses the following items:" to find Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
  Select it (highlight it) and click properties
  Click the Advanced button on the General tab.
  Click the WINS tab.
  Under NetBIOS setting heading
   Click Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP
  Click OK, OK, OK and close out of Network Connections & Control Panel
You can also add an entry in %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc\LMHOSTS
Open the (LMHOSTS.SAM - sample) file with Notepad to see how it's to be laid out...
Oh - and if/when you make changes to LMHOSTS,
will reload from lmhosts so you don't have to reboot...
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dspentAuthor Commented:
nope thats not it....its enabled and is the default config for everymachine.  We use static IP addressing.  Forgot to add also...We have just started (a couple months ago) running our own DNS servers.  Previously we had another company managing DNS....They still are our ISP but we have slowly changed every machine to point to the new DNS server which forwards internet requests to the ISP's DNS.

From what I can gather MACHINE_A's name is associated with another IP address in their system....

When I ping MACHINE_A by name it says

PINGING MACHINE_A [] with 32 bytes of data

Request Timed Out...
Request Timed Out...
Request Timed Out...
Request Timed Out...

the problem is MACHINE_A is
What does
get you for IP address and DNS server info?
dspentAuthor Commented:

I went into the WINS server and displayed all records.  Then searched for the bad IP and the good IP.  I deleted everything.  I actually found records with both ip's (strange, they weren't there before)....anyway after that I added static entries for this machine with the correct ip and did the same for the DNS server.  everything is working ok now.

Now, my next question is, I'm sure this will work for all of the machines that are using OUR dns/wins servers.....But will the correct information replicate out to our ISP's DNS servers and replace the bad data that started this problem in the first place?
Eventually, yes.
If you tombstone those records, the deletions should replicate fine...

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dspentAuthor Commented:
yep....sure did.  I fixed my own problem but I'd rather give points than abandon the question or just close it. so  Thanks sirbounty.
Thanx to you too.  Glad you got it sorted.
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